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  1. I don't know much about this Ant, so this should be interesting. Just out of curiosity, I've read that it's possible to pick up some sort of signal off of a standard car radio, is this true? and if so what would one listern for? Jeff.
  2. That's one nice set up Billy Jeff.
  3. Astromart has a Meade De-Rotator for sale, which will give you some idea. http://www.astromart.com/classifieds/details.asp?classified_id=608523 Jeff.
  4. The 12" is a bit of a handful Dave, i intended printing it on celluloid or something similar to save on the cutting side, but it wasn't until Peter emailed me the PDF doc i realised just what complications are involved.Jeff.
  5. Jeff RV

    hi all

    A warm welcome to the forum. Jeff.
  6. It looks like he'll finish up in traction pulling that monster about. Not sure even the views through it would justify A life of pain. Ron. Either that Ron or down that ditch, it's a little wobbley going over it. Jeff.
  7. You can buy a field derotator and Meade used to sell one although i'm not sure if they still do? but expensive. Jeff.
  8. Great sat catcher!! so simple but i would not have thought of it, nice one mate Jeff.
  9. I'm not sure why the Explora Dome links appeared instead of RC optics? Apologies. Jeff.
  10. Probably get a cup of coffee on here somewhere. http://www.rcopticalsystems.com/24inchMil.html if not try this. http://www.rcopticalsystems.com/32inch.html Whoops sorry!! something strange happened with my links. Jeff.
  11. Any chance on getting some pics?Jeff.
  12. Good luck with your dome project Martin, you crafty thing!! Here's a couple of links to other dome makers should you be interested. http://www.astronomydome.com/ and http://www.exploradome.us/Explora-Dome_Ring.html Although the later is not available in the UK at the mo only in other parts of Europe. Just for some idea's. Jeff.
  13. No!! Your bank manager won't have his usual smile though. Jeff.
  14. Yes congratulations on your new scope to both of you. Jeff.
  15. Just a quick glimpse through the binoculars. http://gizmodo.com/359908/homemade-400mm-binoscope-gives-your-binoculars-lens-envy Jeff.
  16. Just wondering if anyone's lucky enough to be in position to capture this. 8) http://spaceweather.com/ Jeff.
  17. Jeff RV

    Hello All

    Welcome aboard Captain. Jeff.
  18. You can try this link Gaz, it may offer some help. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=36729 Jeff.
  19. The 400d does not show the image on the screen prior to shooting, which means you are reliant on the view finder, don't know about the others though. Jeff.
  20. Here's another couple of loft versions, although the latter may not suit. http://www.djcash.demon.co.uk/astro/scopes/loft/loft.html http://www.hiddenloft.com/obs.htm Jeff.
  21. Great sketch Carol, and provided one can peep through the clouds, it's always a sharp image. Nice work. Jeff.
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