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  1. Whoops Sorry Daz, I'll try to get it right next time. Cheers.....Jeff.
  2. Hi all,My ota was skewed at an angle downwards in mounting brackets, and a couple of screws were loose.so i re-aligned to what looked like the correct screw marks.I'm now wondering if this will cause any problems in-use......Cheers for any help....Jeff.
  3. Hola all. I feel quite at home here cheers,Better start picking brains soon on the need to know how to do lots an lots. ...thanks Jeff.
  4. Jeff RV

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Clive from another newbie, Great place, save a drop of raki for me. Your in the right place for good advice....Jeff.
  5. Buenas tardes to all, Nice location's Steve,my uk was essex,looking forward to going to my first star party one day,If i dont hurry up im going start needing tips on how to fix a zimmer frame to a tripod!. Good viewing.....Jeff.
  6. Hi Steve, Cheers for welcome, Im wondering what area's of england you hold star parties in?
  7. Hi all, thanks again for the great welcome,...A light switch is a good idea although local town hall may not agree,bribery may be the key here...The nights here are a bit warmer but can still be cold, an don't forget the hotter day can cause a heat haze(can't think of correct term) that can disterb the night sky. Peggy(wife) is missing our daughter an gran children etc, so i may not be an international member for much longer. Better book your Calar Alto observatorio tickets quick so i can meet you all an have a few beer's,its about 20k from me. By the way my web link is from a dodgy reflected sat link,"nightmare "to say the least! so i may not be able to stay on line....cheers. Jeff.
  8. Hi, thanks for welcome,tonights sky is clear but have had a couple of non clear weeks,light polution is less of a problem here at least until the lampost are connected,they have stuck one outside every villa,must put airgun on list.
  9. I see you've met peggy.of course your right, my ears could'nt take the verb.Always keep on the good side when i mention more equip needed.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Philip & Caz,a star party for 500 is great idea,! I'de better tell the wife to get a few more beers in and maybe a bigger fridge though.
  11. My name is Jeff,although ive been interested in astronomy for years, ive only had small stuff ! and it was always to cold for me on a winters night...But last november whilst back in england , a magazine with an ad for a meade scope called a goto? magazines later i brought a LX90 12" back home with me,"FANTASTIC" ,I never new there was so much to view out there....I have a few problems with my scope now an then but it all gets solved in the end which is why forum's like this are fantastic for help and support for its members. thanks for letting me be a part of it. clear skies to all, Jeff.
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