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  1. Hiya Kris and welcome,

    If you want portability etc then i would heed the advice given, i have a 12" LX90 which is a little lighter than the LX200 and believe me It's a lump, even the OTA on It's own is an effort to carry so i have to move it on a Sack-Barrow, then i need a hand to lift it on the pier, but saying that, if your a big chap you may be ok.

    Good luck whatever you choose!!


  2. Should you wish to construct a steel pier.

    The trick to constructing steel piers is to have everything plumb and level with accurate cuts before welding.

    This is not as hard as one thinks using basic kit, as you can accurately cut a large diameter pipe for instance by using just a piece of paper as a guide along with a cheap 4" angle grinder.

    The floor plate should be laid on a level and plumb surface, then the tube stood in position and checked for plumb, then just tacked all round with small welds and then fully welded, do not let to much heat work it's way through the plate though, as even 1/2" thick plate will distort and curl at corners etc.

    Continuing the rest of the build in this manner will also ensure easy mounting in it's final position, and a pleasing result.

    Just thought I'd add this bit of info, something to read after all.;)


  3. You shouldn't have to many problems, you may only have problems if you use old cans of spray you have knocking around such as cellulose or 2 pack, which is now illegal to sell as of Jan 2008 as far as i'm aware in the UK,

    So it's as Ron suggest caution is the best policy, otherwise you'll have a nice crazy paving effect.


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