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  1. Lovely and sharp, That's a great image. Jeff.
  2. Hello Chris and welcome to SGL. Jeff.
  3. Nice one Mike, looks like your gonna have some fun then. Jeff.
  4. Horses for courses as the saying goes. It's a go-to for me, I don't see any point in letting technology over take me, it'll win every time anyway eventually, It's just trying to keep up with it that's a bigger problem for me. Jeff.
  5. Did you manage to get a shot at the Moon-Venus conjunction Carol? Jeff.
  6. Hope you had a great holiday Rosanella. Jeff.
  7. Nice one Keith, don't forget to take some pics of it. Jeff.
  8. Congrats on that one Eddie, beautiful image. Jeff.
  9. Hope it don't go out!! No wonder I've not got a tan yet. Jeff.
  10. Hello Alex, welcome and enjoy your stay at SGL. Jeff.
  11. Hello, and a very warm welcome to SGL. Jeff.
  12. :) Maybe i should take up Golf instead. Jeff.
  13. Was it? You could be right!! It don't take a lot for me to get things wrong. Jeff.
  14. Gliese 581d was discovered today and the theory is, Its an Earth like planet with a rocky surface and may have liquid water on the surface in the Goldilocks zone. Here's a link to the story and more. PM - Astronomers discover an Earth-like planet Enjoy. Jeff.
  15. First class Moon image Nick. Nice one. Jeff.
  16. You find Registax a little Defeeting then eli. Sorry I'll get my coat!! Jeff.
  17. Hello Robert and welcome to SGL. Think quite a few of us started with the department store telescope. Jeff.
  18. Some very odd people on this planet. Did he find which end to look through one wonders!! Jeff
  19. Very nice Saturn, one to be proud of me thinks. Jeff.
  20. Wow!! thanks for the insight Trevor, absolutely stunning. Reminds me of the pics we get with our backyarders. Jeff.
  21. Never mind Ant "pick yourself up, dust yourself off" as they say. That was one good thing with film emulsion, at least their was no software to crash. Jeff.
  22. Jeff RV


    Thought I'd better say hello to the new members I've missed and welcome to the forum. Welcome to SGL:hello: Jeff.
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