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  1. Plumbers / sparks use hole cutters, if i'm not mistaken 35mm is a standard size, but i'd only use a good quality make and NOT the springy steel sets you see in the junk shops, the ones i'm talking about are solid blade type where they have to be used with an arbour, they work very well but practice on some waste material first if you use this option, try screwfix.

    Have Fun.

  2. I would like to point out, that almost any camera pointed at the night sky is capable of achieving a good image, guided, scope, or whatever, so this is not about what equipment one is using.

    I've been a member of SGL since Nov 2006, and i have to say i've never yet seen this type of pic win once prior to this.

    That's my point!! it's nothing to do with equipment.


  3. Whilst i know it's not easy to pick an image week after week for POW, i'm sorry to say i honestly can't see why that choice was made this weeks winner rather than the norm.

    Yes it's a nice photo that depicts the moment as TJ implies, but it has nothing to do with the hard graft that people put into resolving astro images.

    What next week one wonders? Lulu's hat!!

    If this is going to be the case in future then maybe this is a call for two categories as this where this seems to be going.

    Just my opinion!

    Cheers all.


  4. Thanks for the quick response guys.

    I'll give it a go - ensuring the Dec axis is locked first!

    I need to clean the corrector plate (carefully!) anyway.

    Daz - it's not just getting the nut out that's the only problem it's fitting it back!


    Then it may be better remove the ota from the mount and work with it on your bed just in case, i know i would.

    Just a thought!!.


  5. Thanks for the clarity on this lads, now i can understand it a little easier.

    You see i know how Silver Halide works in a neg, and that's what was throwing me thinking them the same as data, as 10 negs all with just 10% exposure supposibly stacked would still only give you a 10% resolve. :) :) Complicated!!



  6. If i want to image a subject that say needs a 10 min exposure with a ccd imager to fully resolve, but for arguments sake i have to take in 10x1 min exposures (passing jumbo jets etc), or 2,3, min or even longer but below ten Min's.

    How then when i stack them can it make a fully resolved image when none of the original exposures contain the full luminosity of the true image? if you get my meaning. :)

    Does this mean that any image made up of an underexposed stack is technically a lie because the rest is made up by tweaking, This puzzles me!!

    Please don't all give me an ear bashing at the same time, and remember you'll probably get banned for swearing on the forum. :)


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