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  1. Designed purely for gazing the milky-way in an light weight(1lb) and easy to use pair of individually focused binoculars. The fov is given as 25° with eye relief of 8.4mm. Provided with eyecups and a soft case. £180 free P&P in the UK only. Overseas is extra. payment PayPal or baks transfer. Or coc. chaz
  2. That test showed my eyes are still ok, neither wavy lines or missing lines...so phew! Thanks for the link. BTW, I checked with glasses on and removed. chaz.
  3. I’m trying to orientate myself with both pics, are they reversed images? With Plato at the bottom? If so then the object left of Lambert is my object of intrigue. using my Astro-Tech 90EDT coupled with my Tele-Vue binos, the object and shadow was very prominent, I couldn’t work out what it was I was seeing. I’ve just assumed that the moon is all boulders and dust, so seeing a pointy? feature. chaz.
  4. Nearly,but no, if you continue down about a third there is a small but dark crater, to the right of this is a white ....object, casting a long and pointed shadow. It was the fact it’s pointy that intrigued me, I don’t normally come across pointy boulders or rifts or whatever on the Moon! moon base Alpha? Thanks for the pic though, I really need to try and get a picture myself, it’s not as if I’m without suitable cameras, I have five of them! chaz.
  5. Okay, I don't have a HD map of the Moon, so presently I can't pin point what I've seen. It was while I was observing earlier that I noticed a bright object that had quite a long shadow. As it was near the terminator I expect that, however there is nothing near it or along that longitude that gives a similar length shadow. I can only best describe it as two blocks of white,one bigger than the other, midway along the terminator, what struck me, was that the length of the shadow suggests it's quite tall, sort of colum shaped. That provoked a lot of interest to me. Nothing around it is remotely like it. I need to find the coordination so you can then check what I've seen. if anyone more experienced can offer a identifier, please let me know, maybe a picture of it? my apologies for not being able to provide more accurate details. Chaz.
  6. The objective is the AT 102ed 714mm FL. F7. The focuser is an Starlight Feather Touch dual speed, made for the AT102ED. The objective is without hood so I would need that too. But if you say that they are common tubes then I would need to know which company I can use. To Google the objective will show the complete refractor. Chaz.
  7. Top triggers for my migraines are...battery farmed eggs! And Bornville chocolate...oh how I weep, I loved BC. Thing is, they’ve known about the eggs since the 1930’s, why they didn’t tell me god only knows! chaz
  8. Having acquired from a dear friend who passed away last year, various telescopes and accessories, I need to find parts to make some items complete. one of the items is a Astro-Tech objective, I need to find a suitable tube to marry this with my very expensive and well made focuser, the two were meant for each other! Having asked the USA supplier for the tube from the maker has left me annoyed, as the manufacturer will not supply it. This is probably because they want to sell whole units and not be bothered by piddly small fry. Borg can do it so why can’t they? To get an engineer to frabricate one...well I might as well buy a new scope!, This has not been confined to AT, but Celestron as well, I needed a small but very important part of their Omni CG4 mount, nope, no can do! Even though it’s still in production. Is it just Astronomy parts that are ridiculously expensive to produce or supply? I also needed some quick release bolts for two mounts, £27 ...each! Searched online and found identical bolts ..3 for £8.99 delivered! Rant over. chaz
  9. The only way for me to find that out would be to get someone else to look through them and see if they get the same result. Sending them off to an qualified technician would probably cost as much as they are worth. chaz
  10. That’s how they work, I can adjust either eyepiece, I usually start with my left eye, then move to my right eye, then using both eyes to make sure of correct focus. My method involves moving in and out of focus both ways a couple of times till I hit the “sweet” spot. one thing I did notice, is that when I use the 7x50 pair, there’s no need to refocus once focused, foreground and background with be in focus, which is neat. chaz.
  11. Perhaps I need to look into this blue light thing before I give myself more problems. When I’m viewing, I don’t need to use glasses, looking through my Tele-Vue binos is brilliant! It was using the Resolux 15 x 70 that I was getting problems and pain. Like you would get from reading with standard reading glasses and then changing to bifocals, you’re suddenly out of focus, and to carry on with them your eyes would start to hurt. That’s the effect I’m getting. Both binos I have (Resolux), are individually focused for each eye, I think the 15 x 70 are just too powerful for my eyes.please don’t get me wrong, there’s nowt wrong with the binos. But I will stick with the smaller pair. chaz. chaz
  12. For sale is my spare i-nova PLB-Mx camera. Never been used so as new. Comes with adapter , cable, usb stick/software and short instructions sheet. Windows XP’s to 8.1 required. please google i-nova PLB-Mx for full specs. There’s a lot to look at! This camera doubles up as a guide cam too. £95 inclusive of UK postage. PayPal accepted. chaz
  13. Hi, I don’t use mine, £225 if you’re interested, inclusive of p&p.
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