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    Astronomy ,Paragliding, Cycling, Hill walking, messing with computers and 3d printing.
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  1. I think I have bagged a bargain ,having taken delivery of the Ultima 80 for £70, in very good condition and with its bag, it was minus the zoom eyepiece. I started looking through all the adapters I have.....a lot! I thought I would never find one to fit. Then I remembered that amongst my zoom eyepieces was the Hyperion. I removed the 1.25” barrel adapter and found to my delight, it fits! I then took it outside to check it out against the moon..wow! Not bad at all, except yellow fringing to the edges but not the terminator. So I guess fitting a suitable filter would eliminate that? Any suggestions? my son was very encouraging with my latest purchase, “ dad, why have you bought another scope?....you have at least a million already!” This is a real grab and go,very happy chaz
  2. Note that this is the “ is “ version for astrophotography. A very rare beast that rarely comes up for sell, mine is used but in excellent condition , and comes in a T-v padded bag. Also included is the Tele-Vue Digital Micrometer DMK-0002. Before I go through the process of taking and uploading photos, I need to know if there is a definite interest in this scope. I am looking for around £1100 OVNO. And for a cash buyer I just might throw in an inova PLA-Mx camera. I can post if required, but will be extra and more so for abroad. chaz
  3. As new in box with cables eyepiece attachment and software (USB ). I have not used it so should be in full working order. No warranty as I’m not a dealer. It can be used as an autoguider too. For full instructions and specifications,please go to the I-nova website ( inova-ccd.com)and look up the model. £115.00 Free p&p to uk only,elsewhere postage is extra.
  4. chaz2b

    Astronomy Now wrong again

    Is this the reason that aliens cannot visit us? because we are expanding from them. Just a thought. Chaz
  5. chaz2b

    Controlling the old with the new!

    Well, as to the range and signal quality,I’ve yet to have had the adapter long enough to find out,only got it this lunch time. PHD guiding? Is that a stroll around the campus with a young student studying for her astrophysics? I can use it with both my Xperia and iPad....happy days chaz
  6. I've been looking at ways to control my eq6 (old model) from my smartphone, and having purchased both an Bluetooth device and, a WiFi Adapter, the WA came out best,... for me anyway. The chosen WA was the SynScan adapter from FLO, ordered yesterday! It took seconds to fit, team up with my smartphone WiFi, SynScan Pro app, and i was away... Amazing! BTW, The adapter is more expensive on Ebay, so a big cheers to FLO. Chaz.
  7. chaz2b

    Paramount MX PSU replacement??

    No internal fuse, burnt out transistor and resistor. Finding an elctrical workshop to repair would probably cost as much as a replacement. Ordering one from Software Bisque is a tad expensive, with postage and import costs. Which is why I looked on eBay. The one i looked at has the correct fitting as well. I need assurance that I wasn't going to damage a very expensive mount. Chaz
  8. I'm in need of a replacement psu for my paramount MX, but finding one is proving to be difficult and expensive. I have sourced similar on Ebay, but I in need of understanding the numbers. The broke one is 48v 80w 1.7amp max. The Ebay one is again 48v but 120w,will it power the mount without blowing /frying the electrics? "chaz W
  9. chaz2b

    What did the postman bring?

    After three years in the waiting, finally got the parts to fit an eyepiece to my Capenewise 200, now let`s see if all the negatives told about it can be false, at least for mine. Needed an extra 35mm extension before it would focus, lucky I had one then! So far so good, terrestrial views that is. chaz
  10. chaz2b

    There's a hole in my space station

    Obvious questions but more importantly, why? Do you need to fit a coat hanger in space? And as to crack propagating, is that legal in space...? Lol
  11. chaz2b

    can you identify this?

    The part that I mentioned "wrong", brought it together, however I have now ordered the part 7000 as required in the diagram from Flo. I've got the gist of what you are saying , once the part has arrived I'll retry the camera, which incidentally is an Canon eos 300. I do have other dedicated astro cams,but I've yet to assemble them and check that they work. Then there's the whole world of actually taking pics with it. Luckily my friend also left me literature on the subject. Chaz.
  12. chaz2b

    can you identify this?

    I have the 129mm tube fitted. The "wrong" part is between the rotating ring and the camera T-ring. It states I need a distance of 41mm between the sensor and the rear lens but measuring this is ....um? The diagram shows item 7000 camera mount is needed, but it looks too short! the camera would foul against the rear lens. What am I missing? other than brain cells. chaz
  13. chaz2b

    can you identify this?

    Guess I`m going to need a tutorial on this, it didn`t focus, it needed to travel in more and there is no more travel. That is I was trying to focus on a house roof about 500 yards away, then on the hills 7 miles away and I couldn`t get it to focus, is it because it`s set up for Astro imaging and not terrestrial? chaz
  14. chaz2b

    can you identify this?

    Well done that man! you deserve a really decent cup of tea for that. I even think I have the spacers and fitting for it. Cheers. I think I have it together now, had to use an Orion T-ring for the camera link, just need it to stop raining so I can check if it focuses okay. chaz
  15. chaz2b

    can you identify this?

    I inherited it, it was fitted, I say fitted more push fitted, into a Borg 76ED, as you can see the only threaded part is at the back so was not threaded into the Borg tube. Does have quality optics, nice crisp view through it. Just don`t know how it`s fitted! chaz

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