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  1. Hi all, As the title says, is it possible to make my own triplet apochromatic refractor? I've made my own Newtonian reflector before, and I've heard of people making their achromatic refractor, but what are the difficulties of making a triplet apochromatic refractor? Thanks! Fishie
  2. Hello guys. Can I have a list of some great EQ mounts? I'm thinking of buying a new mount. Thanks. Fishie
  3. Thanks very much. I don't have a DSLR, but my father does, so I'll just borrow his DSLR.
  4. Thanks again. My next concern is, what would be the suitable equatorial mount for the tube? Plus, if I wanted to take images of smaller objects such as M27 and M57, would the telescope be able to take a clear image of them? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I'll consider that. But eh, may I know, approximately, how much it costs and it's stats / features?
  6. Hello. I'm a fan of astronomy and recently, I want to purchase a telescope and an equatorial mount for astrophotography. My targets are M42, M31 and those larger deep sky objects. My budget is USD 2000. I'd like to hear your advice on which brand, which model would be better within my budget. I've seen some Meade LX70 M6, would that be good for astrophotography? I hope to seeing your opinion, thanks.
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