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  1. Babybell. Great idea. And ties in nicely with astronomy as the moon is made of cheese.
  2. Just to add, the Wolf torch I have has got a few nice features. Obviously with it being a fire service torch it is very tough. The bezel around the lens is luminescent, so if I drop it in the dark, you can find it. I am sure that it's very low glow is not enough to affect night vision, but I'll try that out at some point. It also has a clip on the back so it can hang from shirt or jacket pockets. And it has a low battery power warning. Something the Fire service needed, so you know you have sufficient charge in the batteries. A handy little feature.
  3. OK, thanks for the replies. I can certainly get some red nail varnish and have a go. My Wolf torch is currently fitted with a filament bulb and I was going to make an LED conversion insert (saves the £35 price they go for) but will try the easier route first. If I do go down the LED route, I think I have some older red LEDs which tend to be quite dim. The fashion these days for LEDs seems to be increase their brightness more and more.
  4. I have a few (my wife would say too many) torches. I assume it would make sense to convert one to be a red night vision torch rather than purchase another. Having never had one, I am not sure if the general consensus is to have a normal bulb or LED, ie white, and then apply a coloured lens or filter. Or is it best to use a coloured light source and keep the clear lens. Is there even a difference? The torch I have in mind is an angled head Wolf ex-Fireman torch that could be modified. So what would you do? Red light source or red filter?
  5. If there is a real desire to use 'tech' for the sake of it, how about buying a Dictaphone, then when back inside with time and warmth, transfer your recorded 'notes' to an app or spreadsheet.
  6. Hi Chris, I'm just down the road from you in Spalding. I like the idea of just parking up somewhere. Guerrilla Astronomy! There are so many Fen roads in our area that you could not see another car for days, and if you chose a quiet road in the sticks, you'll see some potential thug in plenty of time to take measures to protect your equipment. Regards, Steve
  7. Thanks all for the welcome. Just found out there is an active club in Peterborough, and their viewing and talk evenings are very close to my work, so I'm sure I'll be popping along to see them very soon.
  8. Hello. Just joined the forum, looking to start my first steps in astronomy. I have had a passing interest in the subject for a few years, but never took it any further than most people: ie standing in their back garden on nights that the BBC tells us when a once in a lifetime meteor shower is happening. But now I want to see what is up there. I have never looked through a telescope of any sort. I own no equipment (yet). I do have some binoculars, an old heavy pair of (IIRC) 8x40 Mirandas and a pair of compact 10x25 Praktica. So neither are ideal or even very good, but it may be one step up from naked eye. As soon as my copy of Turn Left at Orion turns up I am sure I'll be on my patio, cursing the nearby streetlights. I am from Spalding, in South Lincs, which from what I have read on here so far, is meant to be good for viewing, with a very big sky. I am at just above sea level with no hills for about 20 miles in all directions. There was a local club, but again from reading on here it seems it disbanded a few years ago. I have no set plan on where this hobby is going to go, or even start, but I have been reading this forum for a few days now and thought I would sign up and say hi. Regards, Steve
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