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  1. ha ha I understand, I was just curious if there was much difference between the two. I used a field of view calculator and they are more or less the same, that atik has smaller pixels but other than that I couldnt find much difference. I though I would seek the advice of those more qualified and you guys answered very well

    I was leaning towards the QHy anyway but I wont be buying til much later this year so plenty of time to decide :eek:

  2. Catatonia - I see, well considering I have a guide scope and I am using a reflector OAG and reducers are not needed atleast for now anyway. I am pretty tempted with the QHY 9. I searched your photos and have seen some other photos on here from the QHY9 and they are all brilliant that plus the price difference between the Atik and QHY I think I am my mind is pretty much made up

    Martin and shaunster - Thanks for the direction to get the software onto my netbook very useful.

  3. Guys this is awesome advice thank you all very much. Interesting comments and they answer many questions I had.

    Catanonia - A quick question about the filter wheel, you say its an M54 thread. Does this mean 2" filters need a special adapter or does it mean things like coma correctors, for examples, would need an adapter?

    Also I have a net book which is without a CD rom drive is it possible to download the software for the cameras from the internet?

    Appreciate the time taken for the reply guys


  4. hey guys

    I have been searching around and looking at some potential buys for a ccd camera later on this year. I was tempted by either the Atik 383l or the QHY9. Considering the scope I use (SW 200p) the chip size gives a reasonable field of view on both.

    I did a search on the forums but I couldnt find any equipment reviews on the QHY9 so figured I would ask if anyone has any experience with the QHY9?

    Also considering that, with the cost of accessories, the QHY9 comes in a fair bit cheaper which would you guys choose? and is there any major differences between the two?

    Advice would be appreciated, thanks


  5. gutted mate I hope you get this sorted soon, must be frustrating.

    This may be an irrelevant point but I know you have mentioned a problem with street lights before and I once had similar light leakage in my scope/camera. I tracked it down the back of my scope being bathed in light from a street lamp and some of it sneaking through a gap between the tube and primary mirror. Of course this might not be the issue and you may have already looked into it plus having never seen the MN190 or your other scope it may be the case the your scopes dont have the same gap between tube/mirror as my explorer....still worth looking I guess


    EDIT: just noticed this: "4th was OTA cover on and the whole scope and camera covered with a towel" I guess that rules out the possibility of leakage from the back ...hmmm

  6. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Swag 72 - sorry I missed this in your post " long subs and heaps of them is the answer! " ha ha thats what lots of uni exams and little sleep will do for you ha! thanks for the advice

    Revs - I would but its not my cam ha ha plus its used for daytime photography :) I was considering getting a CCD camera but considering the cloudless nights were I live I dont think I can justify the cost for using it a couple dozen times a year.

    Roundycat - ha! fair enough then atleast that one wont suffer to much loss, once I am finished on my run for the leo triplet I may swing there and check it out ;)

    Lukebl - Whoa they are awesome! thank you for the links it offers hope, I will definitely try to capture some :eek:

  7. yes I have seen them, andy's photos are awesome, however his camera is modded mine is not. I am just curious and not wanting to waste time on something which aint going to show in an unmodded camera. No jokes, I havent produced a single image sine December last year (some of that was fixing my equipment) but living were I live I get very few clear nights so they are pretty precious

  8. hmmm great info!

    its really something to think about. It is a much larger field of view with the 383l and I really dont want to go down the road of replacing my scope just yet, with the 383l/200p I get a fairly decent field of view, I can fit the double cluster in which I cant do with the 314

    Im curious, how much less sensitive and noisier is the 383 compared with the 314? is the image produced noticeably poorer then than the 314 or is it just a case of getting quality darks/flats/bias etc?

    Also can I use a focal reducer with a reflector?

  9. hey guys thanks for the replies :D

    I was seriously considering getting the Atik 314L my concern is that with the 200p, the field of view will be to small to capture many objects like the M45 for example. Im wondering whether it might be worth saving an extra 500 for the new 383L as it has a slightly bigger chip... hmm

  10. Hey Guys

    Currently im using a nikon D300 unmodified camera to image. I am unable to mod the camera as its not actually mine but I am really interested in a cooled CCD camera so that I have the option to do HA and narrow band images.

    I am using a skywatcher 200p can anyone recommend a reasonably priced camera that would match well with the 200p and that would be ok to use with a fair amount of LP?

    Also does anyone know of any places which sells them second hand?



  11. thats a lovely image! I really like the details in the nebula, very cool!

    Street lamps and buildings are a big problem for me to, infact I have never seen the orion nebula it never rises above my house...gutted lol Though it seems like despite the street lights you certainly beat them very well this time :-)

  12. Hey guys

    I have been playing with some old data and have an updated version of this. Taken with an unmodded Nikon D300 this is about 2.3 hours of 1 minute subs unguided.

    The reason I am posting is because now that I have a guide system I am intending to recapture with with either 5 or 10 min subs to see what the difference would be.

    If anyone has take a guided shot of this galaxy please feel free to post pictures because its a beautiful galaxy but there are only a very few pictures of it out there... it may inspire some more :-D

    First the original with no flats:


    secondly the new one with a bit more dragged out of it. I will post up an updated guided image when I can :)




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