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  1. If it happens again, then it's probably worth reporting it to Malwarebytes as a probable false positive detection. I couldn't find a link on their site, but antivirus providers usually do provide a method of reporting. False positives do happen from time to time. I've seen it happen with my employers software product, and I've read of a number of others too.
  2. Hi Tim You haven't really made a rookie mistake, but have run into things that don't make themselves obvious with visual observation. I have an almost identical setup, and I think you might be seeing the effects of two things. The mak 127 has a long focal length (1500mm) so is sensitive to vibration. It can take a few seconds for vibrations from even gentle touches to settle out. For this, use either the 10 second delay timer, or a remote shutter release. You can see this physical movement when zooming in on live view to get the focus. Using a barlow lens will also make this movement appear worse as it will double or treble the focal length. The other is could be the movement in the air itself, where slight and moving changes to air temperature cause the image to shift. It's heat haze on a small scale, but will still interfere with focus in a photo, even if the focus is sharp in the live view. I took these two photos. The first is in my sheltered garden at not much more than the minimum focus distance of the mak, 1/15th of a second at ISO 100. It's almost sharp, and I could probably improve on it. The second was a couple of hundred metres away over houses, at 1/320th of a second, ISO 1600. I had to use those settings as the air was moving too much to give a sharp image at a slower shutter speed.
  3. Would fibreglass be a better option? Should be ok for wifi, and would probably be lighter too. Might also be easier to get the shape you want too
  4. If you're only long or short sighted, then you should be fine at the eyepiece without glasses. I have mild astigmatism in my observing eye, and that's not been a problem either when not wearing my glasses I've taken a bit of an interest in your journey as you were asking the kind of questions I never thought to ask. And it looks like you're enjoying it, despite the clouds!
  5. There's still Essex people about. Not met any of you yet as I haven't been out to any of the local meets. Frustrated with the clouds here in South Woodham Ferrers. Looked out 30 minutes ago to see a whole ten stars, Jupiter, and the moon illuminating plenty of high thin clouds. They may look nice, but they're being absolutely no help to me tonight!
  6. I haven't got my hands on a 3D printer yet so I'm not entirely sure what's what, but I've found a company local to me doing PLA from £10 a kilo for 3mm filament, and at the cheaper end it's not all fluorescent http://shop.3dfilaprint.com/pla-199-c.asp
  7. Hope you can get it sorted. It doesn't sound at all good! If you can't get any joy from them, then it might be worth building a light shield. There's a simple and inexpensive one here And something a bit more permanent here Hope you can get it sorted
  8. I bought mine as a rare and expensive treat as I was coming up to my tenth anniversary in my current job, and I'd just dug out and cleaned up the old scope that I got as a fifth anniversary present from my previous job. It wasn't quite from spare money as I'd normally buy treats, but from digging into the overdraft a bit more but without risking busting the limit. Fortunately some overtime came up that enabled me to more than earn that money back. A couple of eyepieces were paid for by money saved from not commuting to London for two weeks over Christmas, and from the end of year council tax payment break. I've just had a bonus from work, and I'm trying to talk myself out of a SW Mak 127. I have a feeling I may not succeed, even though I have other spending priorities first. Of course, if I actually managed to give up smoking I wouldn't have to worry so much!
  9. I've reworked it a bit so it's more stable, and I don't have to stand on tiptoe to use it at certain angles! So...lessons learnt: Make the stand wider than the base Measure the view height using the longest eyepiece and adaptor. And don't forget that you also need to be over it to look into it! Put the feet on the very extremes of the base Positioning stops on top are also a good idea Make sure that it's easy to get into an equilateral triangle and stay in position This version is definitely better. There's hardly any wobble now and it will probably need a good shove to tip it over. Neighbours probably thought I was a nutter for dragging the tube round in circles lots while shaking it, but I needed to prove that it wasn't going to fall off easily
  10. Thanks! If my carpentry skills are anything to go by I'm going to need it I managed to break a ratchet screwdriver and a drill while making it
  11. The photo is of the first version, which was too high and not wide enough. I took it apart and rearranged it so it was wide enough and lower. Seems much more stable now, and it passed the tilt and wobble test this time This weekend I need to do something about making sure it stays in the right position when open. It should be fine after that, even when used by someone as careless as me!
  12. Not sure they'd be any good for a smooth running dob base. Have you tried replacing the central sliding washer with layers plastic milk bottle material? Mine is running smoother with it. Needs about six layers though Is that the Startt 3D printer? https://www.imakr.com/en/startt-affordable-3d-printer/1146-startt-3d-printer.html I'm thinking of getting one. I'm told they're not bad for the price. Only prints small scale though
  13. Being a mere 6ft and a standing observer I found my SW 200P dob a bit on the short side. I'd tried a chair, but it was a bit wobbly and needed moving to get a full view, and a water butt stand just wasn't high enough. So I used some left over 2x2 to build a folding stand. It's not exactly elegant, but it does the job
  14. I spotted a UK number at the bottom of the page, and a bit of Googling and a check with Whois gave up the development company as Above & Beyond Normal https://www.abnl.co.uk/developments Haven't found out any more though
  15. Would a 3D printed box structure with internal bracing be strong enough for the job, or is this not an option? I've been thinking about doing something similar for an alt-az mount with coarse and fine controls, but so far the design is only in my head until I get my printer
  16. Not too far south into East Anglia though. Suffolk, Norfolk and probably Cambridgeshire are low on light pollution. Further into Essex and it starts to build
  17. I missed this on Saturday, but I've found it's being repeated on Tuesday at 7pm. Will see then if it's any good
  18. I'm itching to use it, but it seems I'm paying a cloud penalty now! Perhaps along with the specs of an item suppliers should now include an estimate of the cloud penalty incurred by purchasing, measured in nights and miles. It's a good mug. My other office favourite says "Another 8 hours of pretending to work"
  19. All the way from Aunt FLO, a 32mm Panaview. Hoping there won't be a cloud penalty for this! Didn't realise how big these get
  20. I thought it was a bit disappointing. Not that much on the sky even when it was clear. Would like to see more of Greg (Space Gandalf) in the future as he has knows his stuff, clearly enjoys talking about it, and has a calm informative manner. The English presenters were rather overenthusiastic and shouty in comparison
  21. Thanks for these. I've bookmarked them so I can watch them on cloudy nights. More informative than the recent Stargazing Live too
  22. It's not that bad! I think I'd rather be out in the countryside with all the natural noises than in town. My weekend observing sessions tend to be accompanied by the sounds of boy racers revving engines in the nearby supermarket car park, before running them round the circuit of the main road through town and the bypass. And then there's the loud drunken arguments from the local yoof walking back from town. I'm just glad they can't see me when I'm out observing as they are definitely less safe than any suspicious rustling in the undergrowth in the middle of nowhere! Saying that, I've not had to deal with poachers or irate farmers yet
  23. I used to live out in the wilds of Suffolk across a valley from a piggery, and the sounds from there would carry very well on a still night. I was so glad I knew in advance that pig squeals at a distance can sound like human screams!
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