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  1. Its a miss translation, or a error in the question, the astronaut have a mass of 80 kg.
  2. Me. But, if you have to chose one of the alternatives, what is the one who matches better ? (C)?
  3. The Astronaut is 1000 km away from the Schwarzschild radius of a Black hole of a solar mass (??⊙). Astronaut B is 1000 km away from the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole one billion solar masses (??9?⊙). Both astronauts weigh 80 kg. Which of the two astronauts feel an gravitational attraction more intense ? a The Astronaut A b Astronaut B c Impossible to know without the information of the radius of the black holes d The two feel the same gravitational attraction And why? Its important and i cant figure out the right alternative. Thanks for any help.
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