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  1. I have 5 brand new V-Gear Talkcam cameras. If anyone is interested in buying one please send me a PM. Thank you!
  2. Radders, wondering if you had tried any more imaging with the V-Gear TalkCam. I've not got round to modding mine but hoping to get round to it over the Bank Holiday weekend.
  3. I've been waiting to view Saturn since I bought my scope but I think its still low to see it from my back garden.
  4. Quick question here.... Its been a beautiful day and its a clear blue sky here as the sun sets. I was going to get my binoculars out later this evening and was wondering what easy targets I should look for?
  5. Its clearing clear here but I've not been able to find it with my binoculars. Really clear view of the Plough but nothing. Been looking between Delta and Epsilon Ursae Majoris.
  6. Its clearing up here in the east. Rest of sky is really clear. I've no idea where I should be looking for the asteroid now. Anyone?
  7. Can anyone suggest any other good objects to view tonight with a binocular. Might have to make the best of it while I'm out observing. First time this year in fact!
  8. Doesn't look like its going to clear here in Cheshire either.
  9. Setup outside right now. Sky was clear in the East when I was setting up and cloud has moved in the last 5 minutes typical! I'm trying to locate Comae Berenices to help find the asteroid but I can't see it. Going to stay out the rest of the evening hoping I can catch a glimpse. Hoping anyone can offer any tips. I'm using my Celestron binoculars and am still a novice. Thank!
  10. Nice video: http://earthsky.org/human-world/video-silhouettes-in-front-of-the-rising-full-moon
  11. RIP Sir Patrick Moore - A true inspiration to so many. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he opened the Leighton Observatory (which is 1.5 miles from my home) back in 1994. Sir Patrick and Sky at Night were the reason I pursued by interest in astronomy. The second great loss this year but like Neil Armstrong he leaves a great legacy.
  12. Thanks James but I emailed Philips earlier and they have fixed the broken download links.
  13. Because the driver above is newer than the one that Windows 7 has installed.
  14. After several months I finally managed to buy a Philips SPC900NC on Craigslist in the States for just £12 and it was new unused in the box and works perfectly with the drivers that Windows 7 installed. I am trying to download the Windows 7 drivers and PC software from: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/dcbint/cpindex.pl?slg=en&scy=nl&mid=Link_Software&ctn=SPC900NC/00 There is a problem with downloading the following files: Drivers for Windows 7 - SPC900NC_00_DW7_AENexe PC Software Windows 7 - SPC900NC_00_SW7_AENexe I was wondering if anyone is kind enough to get these files
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