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  1. Ah, thank you for the correction. That translates to 54.3mm, which is 1.8mm more than the 52.5mm recommended. This changes things a little as now i need to get one of those thin EOS locking rings (thanks alacant) and build up the distance with spacers. Thank you again for pointing this out 😊
  2. Thank you for your reply. Ah yes, I failed to mention that my filter is a clip-on, meaning it sits inside the camera. Otherwise, you are correct in saying that there would be no room for a filter. Therefore, with my current setup, I should have a 52.8 mm spacing between lens and sensor. The Baader EOS locking ring has an M48 thread. Thanks again
  3. Dear Wim, thanks again for sharing that photo. Would it be possible for you (or anyone else willing for that matter), to measure the total length of the drawtube in the 130PDS focuser from point of contact at the top locking ring to the end inside the OTA? This is because the coma corrector I just ordered is approximately 10cm in length and it would be good to know if it will sit inside or outside the drawtube before it arrives. Many thanks again.
  4. Thanks again for sharing this really useful information. If you consider the focal flange distance of a Canon is 44mm, plus the 11mm from the Baader EOS locking ring I'm using, then that gives me 55mm total distance from lens to sensor. However, since I use a IDAS LPS-D1 filter, which has a glass thickness of 2.2mm, then if I understand correctly, I can subtract that value from the total distance, giving me a "true" distance of 52.8mm, which is not a far cry from the recommended 52.5mm. Considering the slight differences in each item due to manufacturing tolerances, I might just turn out lucky and that extra 0.3mm turns out fine, if anything, it might not even produce a significant difference between 52.8mm and 52.5mm. The proof will be in the pudding though..soon EDIT: looking at the graph you shared one more time, it looks like for 650mm focal length, it is around 52.6mm! Even closer to my distance..
  5. Very useful photo, thank you for sharing it, it'll help me crunch some numbers to figure out spacings etc.. Yes, D-shaped stars are now a worry..we'll see how it goes. Hah! yes we could've ended it a while ago indeed.. Didn't really have this one so much in mind because i didn't come across much info about it, but it surely looks like a step up in quality from the others. Looking forward to it.
  6. It looks a bit long doesn't it? Might need to do some DIY..will return later when I have results, clear skies everyone 😊
  7. ..last minute change to the order..I sent an email to TS about comparing the TS GPU to the TS Quattro a few days ago and they only replied now saying: "the GPU performs way better than the Quattro. The stars are smaller and the colour correction is better at the GPU. The GPU is our choice for high quality imaging." Therefore, based on this new information, we swapped out the Quattro and ordered this instead.
  8. Order amended for 130PDS plus TS Quattro Coma Corrector. I decided that i'm going to go with what sounds like a slightly better image due to the 4-element design. As light pollution around me increases, I might be looking into narrowband for the future, so having the spacing to fit a filter drawer might come in handy. As for flex because of racking the focuser out too much with this CC, I think I'll be fine with a DSLR alone, but i'll report back if I experience any flexure with only that weight. A friend of mine has the SW CC 0.9x that I could borrow, and maybe I could even get my hands on a Baader MPCC. If I can, i'll be looking at doing a shootout in the near future and sharing the results with you here. No promises though, time will tell. I'm looking forward to receiving the scope and thank you to everyone for taking time to share their insights. Clear skies Minos
  9. Could it be this?
  10. Hi Louise, thank you for your reply and all the information you've shared. I lived in the UK for over a decade, so I know exactly what you mean by permacloud. I wish you clear skies and all the best. Thanks again. Minos
  11. Hi Adam, yes that seems to be the consensus, thank you for pointing that out. Hi Louise, thanks again for replying, very useful feedback. It seems the PDS focuser can't cope with all that length and weight on it. I gather from your comment that the PDS focuser could cope with no flex when you used the TS quick change filter drawer plus DSLR? It seems as though the GSO CC is more suitable for someone imaging with filters or narrowband for the provided extra backfocus, like you said. If one does not intend to though, then it seems the Baader/SW CC will better help avoid any potential flex issues. However, by the sounds of it, the weight of a DSLR alone will probably not flex a fully extended PDS focuser, rendering the potentially better optical quality of the GSO CC still a good candidate. May I ask Louise, did you notice any image quality difference between the GSO and Baader during any of your sessions? Apologies if you answered this elsewhere and I know you said it's been a while, I ask because you have used both.Also good to hear you are enjoying more success with your current setup Thank you again for everyone's time, I feel positively overwhelmed by all of your replies. Minos
  12. Ok, thank you for all your input.
  13. Dear Wim, thank you for sharing this picture, very informative indeed, much appreciated!
  14. Dear Fabien, thank you for your reply and your wishes Great to hear from another user of the SW CC that there is no CA. It seems as though modifications, whether to the drawtube, primary mirror position, or the collar of this CC are still necessary though to deal with the protrusion caused by this configuration. Also great to hear that the the protrusion is avoided with the baader CC. I have the Baader EOS locking ring. Thank you for taking the time to share your notes, much appreciated.
  15. Dear alacant, thank you for your reply, your notes are appreciated. You confirm that in your hands, the GSO CC performed optically better than the baader CC. As for the large backfocus and flexing of the focuser, it seems as though the PDS may be sturdier. However, I would like further confirmation for this from users of the GSO CC, as your point is valid and any optical advantages from the GSO CC would be negated if there is significant flexing. Dear Neil, thank you for your input and your notes on the infrequency in the appearance of the reflections with the SW CC. Although, when that is the case, it will be a nuisance to deal with to some degree. Good to know that you did not notice any CA or bloating. Having looked at pictures taken through the 130pds + SW CC, some of them do appear to me to indeed suffer from these artifacts, but then others do not, notably the images taken by Uranium. However, he reported to have undertaken significant work in order to get it to work at peak performance. Indeed, it seems that mileage does vary with this configuration. Thank you again for your reply. Dear alacant, thank you for sharing a picture of your mystery CC, it has certainly added an extra dimension to the list of candidates. I do not mean to pry, but if you could possibly share any details on this item, it would be very informative for the rest of us, as you are in a more experienced position having tested three of these CC's. You ended your prior post with the word - "perfect", which sounds to me as if you've landed on the right CC for the 130PDS. Please advise if possible, many thanks again.