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  1. First time this  year i have been able to get a session out with the scope.  Had some nice views of Uranus and the Moon.

    Could not resist grabbing a couple of images of two favourites that were on display.  Vallis Schroteri, Aristarchus in the first image and  Schickard, Nasyth, Phocylides in the second.

    C9.25, asi290mm, 5000 frames captured, stacked 1000.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Barry-W-Fenner said:

    It sure is cold out tonight, viewing conditions seem pretty decent though. Mars at x230 showing its current phase and a very subtle level of grey detail.

    A fairly small adjustment and I'm now looking at Uranus, Ive spent quite a bit of time just watching that little green disc cross the FOV. A stunning planet.

    Seven sisters and the moon just rising above my house roof now. The 17.5mm Morpheus will give some lovely low power views of these two.

    I would like to spend some time on orion but it's a long way off being visible yet, I might have frozen before i see it tonight.

    Clear skies all 👍

    Nice little session, cold and little hazy in Bedfordshire. Just come in leaving a lovely Moon Halo behind, looked pretty cool!

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  3. I usually Goggle the buyer or seller, generally there will be internet history of some kind. Memberships of other sites, Facebook, Twitter other Astro related sites. Even if you can only verify they are using a real name and address.

    Unfortunately their will always be the odd "bad apples" , SGL is safer than most places on the net, thanks to everyones vigilance.

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  4. Agreed, edge rind artefact.

    I have tried many methods to reduce it. During capture, during stacking and final processing. I have had a little improvement by keeping the alignment boxes during stacking away from the limb areas. best idea is to have a sharpened image and an unsharpened image and using layers combine the two together to mask some of the artefact.

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