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  1. 22 hours ago, Merlin66 said:


    I use a Coronado BF on my SM60 DS set up..... and yes the 1.25" nose piece on the ASI 174.

    Nowadays I've added an ASI 1600MM as well.


    Did you have any issues with vignetting because of the smaller diameter nose piece? I am thinking of upgrading from my DMK21au618 to a 174mm, even though i do own a 290mm.

  2. On 22/01/2018 at 06:14, Merlin66 said:

    OK, you're on the right track.

    I use the ASI 174MM for solar - pixel size suits my set-up and the frame rates are FAST!!!

    The newer ASI 178MM would be a good bet.

    You'll need a USB3 connection and a fast SSD drive to collect the data (2-3Gb per session)

    Acquisition and processing.....FireCapture or SharpCap will give you good AVI (or SER) file to allow stacking for quality. Registax 6 or Autostakker V2/V3 will do the necessary stacking and "tweaking"

    Any photo imaging program (PainShopPro, PS etc. etc.) can be used to apply the colourisation....





    Thread resurrection time 🙂 were you using a 1.25" nosepiece with the asi174mm camera/Lunt 50mm?

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