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  1. I love that, a great way to show the size of the spot!
  2. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-) 12 inches a cracking size dob!
  3. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  4. Been quite on the prom front, but the big A/R makes up for them.
  5. Lovely images clear in Bedfordshire as well, scope at home though!
  6. Nice set of images. Have you tried a flat, obviously it would have to be a "synthetic" one at this stage?
  7. Nice images to mark your return!
  8. Well worth catching up with data like that.
  9. Super set of discs and some nice filaments with the large A/R.
  10. Beautiful double page close up, congratulations on your publication!
  11. Same region in H/A. Lunt50mm D/S, DMK21au618, 3,000 frames stacked around 600 in A/S2 sharpened in Reg6.
  12. AR2546 in white light with the ED80/ND5 filter, DMK21au618 + No58 filter. Pushed the conditions with a x4 Imagemate today, not the best Barlow, but the some pleasing detail showing. 5,000 frames stacked around 500 in A/S2 and sharpened in Reg6.
  13. Very well captured some nice granulation as well.
  14. Nicely captured looking very good in Ca-K especially.
  15. Nice 1st light welcome to the light side of imaging.
  16. Fine end result despite the cloud's.
  17. Nice contrast between the white light and H/R images.
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