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  1. Great set of images, especially the close up!
  2. My DMK21au618 doesn't show too many newton rings.
  3. Certainly off band I would say, you do get a "white light " look if not tuned in enough. I always completely remove the pressure ring before every session, even though I have unscrewed most of the way at the end of the previous session. The tuning ring on mine needs to be wound in until all the thread is covered.
  4. Excellent disc with plenty of detail there.
  5. That is a superb filament to go with the large A/R.
  6. Well for grabbing your chance.
  7. Very nicely captured, the filament close by looked magnificent when I looked at dinner time.
  8. Looks good to me, worth trying a No58 filter if you have one.
  9. Superb close up of the large A/R and a magnificent filament!
  10. Great looking disc, I think i caught the bottom half.
  11. Very nicely imaged and presentation.
  12. Excellent discs better make the most of tomorrow!
  13. Good looking image With the transit clearly visible. My window is still half an hour away!
  14. Yep pretty woeful here as well, just waiting for Mars to clear the conifers!
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