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  1. Looking forward to seeing some images with your new camera.
  2. Nice looking animation, plenty of action going on there.
  3. if you think you seeing was bad you should have had out weather yesterday rained nearly all day. Good looking image despite the conditions.
  4. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  5. A nice sharp white light disc.
  6. I tend to use a couple of twitter feeds @space_clouds and @nlcnet are a couple I use. They both have websites as well. Predicting is little hit and miss though.
  7. Beautiful set of images especially the sunset.
  8. Nice animations and write up, imagine having that view!
  9. That is a fine image, loads of surface detail showing. I wouldn't worry about whether your image exactly matched the Carte du Ciel image or not, just use it as a guide to the position of the main features.
  10. Nice sketch looks like some detail was visible.
  11. I would guess maybe both, we seldom have that problem in the UK I would think it would be desirable to have your scope at what ever the ambient temperature is to be honest.
  12. I had not seen any until July 2014, then again twice last summer. They are not as easy to spot as it sounds. They are easy to see if you are in the right place at the right time. The problem is the right time tends to be after 11:30pm and before 3:30am, which means not much sleep.
  13. not sure about the camera or the settings, Looking at one of your previous Jupiter images there is no "ringing" visible. Are you using roughly the same settings as your Feb image?
  14. The 2016 season for noctilucent clouds is underway. NASA's AIM spacecraft spotted them on May 24th, and they also have been seen recently from Milovaig on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. I have only managed 3 sightings ever and 2 images of these amazing nocturnal clouds, looking forward to a couple of months of interrupted sleep, every clear night!
  15. Superb discs, lovely filaprom as well!
  16. As Michael said, "Saturn higher up and away from any sources of heat will help" Pretty detailed shot especially for a DSLR.
  17. That is very, very low. Great result considering its position in the sky!
  18. Jupiter is way passed its best so some fine detail there. A bit gutting that this is the case, I felt like I was starting to make some real progress.
  19. Fine images Avani, fantastic surface detail.
  20. Nice set of tough targets, some good detail showing on all three objects.
  21. I find the difference between them varies from session to session, depending on features/conditions. Certainly far more consistent difference when imaging, compared to visual.
  22. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
  23. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire
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