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  1. looks like clear skies for the Mars opposition

  2. happy new year to everyone!

  3. happy new year to all on SGL

  4. happy new year to all on SGL

  5. loving the new look website!

  6. Liking the new forum look!

  7. clouds, clouds and more clouds pretty depressing!

  8. modded dslr & guide camera bought, just the guide scope to go!

  9. just pulled the plug on a Hotech collimator !

  10. clear skies and a last crack at Jupiter, Mars, Saturn

  11. conditions tonight are the best of the year!

  12. loving the dark nights!

  13. observatory improvements

  14. love haloween look!

  15. well its nearly here, please let the weather be kind for once!

  16. very happy with the upgraded pier!

  17. up at 2:30am to imaging Mars and the data is pants!

  18. glad i got a couple of sessions in before the rain returns!

  19. dark skies are around the corner!

  20. guided images from now on !!!!

  21. merry christmas everybody !

  22. the morning eastern horizon is pretty special at the moment!

  23. merry christmas to everyone

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