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  1. the morning eastern horizon is pretty special at the moment!

  2. clear skies and a last crack at Jupiter, Mars, Saturn

  3. conditions tonight are the best of the year!

  4. the seeing really is pretty at poor at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      I was out last night, seeing was shocking here too. Gave up in the end.

    2. JessicaFaye


      I went out last night around half ten... clouds started to roll in, seeing bad and then the scope dewed up! Really successful night :D

  5. Mars i am coming to get you!

  6. looks like clear skies for the Mars opposition

  7. up at 2:30am to imaging Mars and the data is pants!

  8. spring has arrived, maybe?

    1. ronin


      That means the clocks will go forward soon and everyone will start complaining again.

    2. cotterless45


      Warm weather this time of year used to be known as "false spring", cold follows, ouch !

  9. glad i got a couple of sessions in before the rain returns!

  10. happy christmas everyone

    1. JessicaFaye


      And to you too! :)

  11. loving the dark nights!

  12. love haloween look!

  13. broke my veil duck last night!

    1. Guy Wells

      Guy Wells

      Could always buy a new one...

  14. dark skies are around the corner!

  15. summer is just around the corner!

    1. Daniel-K


      yup with the rain!

  16. clouds, clouds and more clouds pretty depressing!

  17. happy new year to all on SGL

  18. happy new year to all on SGL

  19. merry christmas everybody !

  20. guided images from now on !!!!

  21. modded dslr & guide camera bought, just the guide scope to go!

  22. very happy with the upgraded pier!

  23. observatory improvements

  24. loving the new look website!

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