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  1. my first mars image that doesnt resemble a small blurry satsuma,not sure how much is actual detail and how much is my tinkering !!! but its all good fun
  2. fairly pleased with this first attempt at saturn taken with a spc900 and x2 ultima barlow,using wx astro capture and registax. not much detail,but pretty much in keeping with most of my planetary stuff unfortunatly
  3. i had these alloy knobs made at work after i had replaced the original plastic ones with the flexible slow mo knobs,it makes the job of guiding when using a webcam so much easier no more stretching! ps how do i make the photo smaller after i have uploaded it thanks pete
  4. i have been thinking about doing exactly the same with summer around the corner. this sort of filter turns up on astro boot occasionally - Astro Engineering SolVue solar filter featuring specially adapted Mylar film,is it as good as the baader filters.
  5. welcome to sgl binos are great!!!!!!!!!!
  6. welcome to sgl just a little green disc with stars ?well done that sounds like a nice photo to me
  7. welcome to sgl this is england !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. welcome to sgl nice first scope
  9. there is always something to look at,even if its just the enormity of it all so many stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. just checked the met office forecast, it looks very promising for the weekend i will not be there myself, but i hope everybody has a great time and there is clear skies for all i will think of you all as i am staring skywards in saturday evening sharing the same delights from my backyard (fingers crossed) pete
  11. i have not processed my avi's from sunday yet,but i would be happy with a end result like yours well done!!
  12. lots of summer goodies to keep you happy between now and autumn
  13. i did mercury as well,just because its so well placed to say it wasnt very impressive is a under statement.but i could just make out a crescent shape and i have not put anything through registax yet. pete
  14. hi scot i also imaged venus last night (what a stunning evening ) you should get a nice bright disc,but you will not get any surface detail.this will be the same through the eyepiece and webcam. i diduse a mead lunar/planetary filter with the eyepiece which cut the glare down a little and a uv/it filter with the webcam as standard pete
  15. well done i saw it for the first time over 25 years ago when i was a teenager and it still excites me as much now!the big difference now is i can see the moons as well and instead of showing my mum & sister i show my wife,son,daughter its definately the number 1 thing for the wow factor!!!
  16. mercury 1st timer as well! very pleased to chalk off another to see object,looking forward to watching the phases change over the coming weeks and hopefully imaging it.
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