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  1. hi ed and welcome to the forum i know what you mean about goto's i do feel like i am cheating a bit but they are great
  2. hi and welcome to the forum
  3. hi t and welcome to the forum whats your light pollution like?
  4. hellooooooooooooooo pozdrav and welcome to the forum
  5. hi trev & jac and welcome to the forum
  6. Pete Presland


    hi andy and welcome to the forum great scope!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hi steve and welcome to the forum look to the west after sunset the bright object is venus,you will not see any surface detail but you can see its phases change over a period of time
  8. hi umesh and welcome to the forum the 15x70's are fantastic pair of binos,you will love them
  9. Pete Presland

    Hi Everybody

    hi jon and welcome to the forum lots to read here!
  10. thanks for advice i think i have finally got the hang of it
  11. venus from a while ago,and i managed to get the picture size a bit smaller thanks the thing & yeti monster for your advice!
  12. this was the next night,it shows we can all get involved in astronomy even without expensive equipment. ps how do i make the image i have uploaded smaller in size,they always fill the page up
  13. took this with a average digital camers on monday night,it does not really do the view justice it was stunning
  14. very good images,thanks for all the tips. i think its like you say a bit trail and error and down to the seeing conditions,its a good idea to make a note of your settings each time you film at least that way you have something to reference by
  15. tal barlows are well recomended on here for vaue for money. i have just upgraded to a celestron ultima,and while it is better than the tal i used to own, the tal is not far behind. you can also pick up a meade shorty for around £20 2nd hand
  16. wow! its like being there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done
  17. Hi, A very warm welcome to SGL.
  18. Hi, A very warm welcome to SGL.
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