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Pete Presland

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  1. hi jed and welcome to the forum
  2. hi and welcome to the forum
  3. hi and welcome to the forum
  4. hi paul and welcome to the forum
  5. Pete Presland

    Hello everyone

    hi and welcome to the forum
  6. hi bill and welcome to the forum nice selection of scopes
  7. hi ray and welcome to the forum
  8. hi steven and welcome to the forum
  9. hi and welcome to the forum
  10. Pete Presland

    hi all

    hi and welcome to the forum the greatest sci fi ever ? i think it is,have you read the book ?
  11. nice first scope,certainly better than my first an old 3" tasco all those moons ago
  12. thats the one i used a bit daunting at first but like you say works fine
  13. happy birthday and well done to all involved it is a invaluable source of info and opinions!
  14. excuse my ignorance ,what are the main differences between a crayford and r & p is the term "crayford" a type or make? i am looking at a crayford from astronomica uk is this just a generic term for a type of focuser and more importantly does the term guarantee quality
  15. this looks really close! the hole sizes are very near 2" / 1.25" Crayford focuser for Newtonian telescopes on eBay (end time 06-Jul-10 10:30:38 BST) anbody got any experience with the focuser or supplier? astronomica uk thanks pete
  16. i used the soapy warm water and shower,then let it dry naturely. it left a few water runs and would have been better using a hairdryer.
  17. its going to be one of the first objects my 10" gets pointed at when its up and running
  18. hi all i have just upgraded to a orion 10" newtonian,and need a focuser to fit to it.i bought a beauty from moonshane but unfortunately the hole size and mounting holes are different. the main hole size is 63.7mm in diameter. the mounting holes are 4.5 mm in diameter. the mounting holes are 76.5 mm apart when measured along the tube. when measured around the tube they are 74.7 mm apart. i think it had a crayford on it ,but i am not sure any suggestions will be gladly appreciated thanks pete
  19. i just love the thought of these craft drifting through space for who knows how long? Spacecraft escaping the Solar System pioneer 10 has been travelling for nearly 40 years and in space terms is still local to us
  20. dark skies essential,but it varies from night to night,or even during the same night! nice scope though
  21. you can always catch the moon during daylight hours,it was superb on thursday morning.mediterranean blue skies,lovely moon,not a cloud in sight and all this from bedfordshire!
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