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  1. welcome to the sgl,another new member from the fair city of liverpool.are you red or blue
  2. i have tried stellarium,the text on it never seems to be readable always blurred.can anyone recomend another free planetarium software.
  3. welcome to the sgl!
  4. welcome to the sgl! hale bopp wow that was great
  5. i saw it this week and last sunday as well. this week i saw it from home, with my sisters family as well, they were very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. a friend asked me the other day what was the point in looking at deep sky objects through my telescope when they are nothing like the pics from Hubble etc.... john is spot on! seeing stuff that occurred Milena ago and seeing it for real is the reason! looking back in time wow thats what its all about.
  7. hi and welcome to the sgl!
  8. hi James from Liverpool welcome to the sgl! i am visiting Liverpool in two months to see Ian McCullough at st Georges hall cant wait
  9. glad i saw your comments about the skywatcher ler's before i bought the ones on astro buy & sell!
  10. certainly giving imaging a go,slow progress at the moment!
  11. thanks very much shane for the excell sheet! i have printed it,very informative especially maximum mags will keep that in mind
  12. Pete Presland

    Hi from Bath

    hi and welcome to the sgl
  13. hi and welcome to the sgl,nothing better than seeing things live through a scope!
  14. Pete Presland

    At last ...

    hi and welcome to the sgl
  15. hi guys i own the following scopes celestron c8n focal length 1000 and ratio f5 meade 125 pe focal length 1900 and ratio f15 i know that the higher ratio's are more forgiving to eyepieces from what i have read on other threads (very informative this place ) but what are the pros and cons of each with there very different lengths and ratio's also i know what the focal length is ,but what does ratio mean? thanks pete
  16. hi and welcome back sgl!
  17. Pete Presland


    hi and welcome sgl, you will be fine lots of advice here!
  18. hi and welcome back to sgl, this is the place to be!
  19. Pete Presland


    hi and welcome sgl, this is the place to be!
  20. hi and welcome sgl, this is the place to be!
  21. great review part timer andrew a nice range of eyepieces price and quality i am looking to upgrade from meade 4000's but on a bit of a budget reviews like these help a lot. interesting you mention the size of the hyperion's, they do look huge! i think i will go for some 2nd hand televue plossl's or the celestron nexstar plossl's
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