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  1. hi paul,thanks for bino's what capture programme are you using WXastroCapture is good and a moon filter will help. you will need to adjust the settings brightness,gain ect... pete
  2. thanks astro_baby will give it another tonight
  3. i used a celestron 7mm ortho,there was no doughnut just a opaque disc with a shadow of the spider on it
  4. well did the star test last night before it clouded over seemed to be a reasonable concentric airy disc as described in the superb astro baby guide but no concentric rings,all i could see was the shape of the spider. is this normal and was regulus too bright an object to use? sorry if this sounds like an obsession
  5. i will let everybody know how it goes,fingers crossed
  6. its been a long time but not many really tasco 3" refractor - 1981-1982 tasco 4 1/2" reflector - 1982-2008 sad to see it go at the time, saw halleys comet with it in 86 seben 6" reflector 2008 aaagghh dont even go there helios 6" reflector 2008 - 2009 1st proper scope no offence to the tasco celestron c8n 2009 ota still for sale at present time meade etx 125 pe 2010 1st goto :) orion hilux 10" newt 1st time out tonight !!!
  7. i think i read that same advice somwhere on somebodys website!great step by step tutorial by the way i followed it exactly-ish it certainly is better than it was! the real test comes in about 2 1/2 hours outside,but surely the only adjustment possible if the field is the primary mirror?
  8. and i thought at work i was the only person thinking that today
  9. hi micheal and welcome to the forum
  10. hi and welcome to the forum i make you right there,with the bbc showing the amount of garbage they do, its a glowing beacon!
  11. hi dan and welcome to the forum i assume viualists means no astrophotography ? it is a bit addictive!
  12. hi helmut and welcome to the forum
  13. wow ! your right there some amazing shots on there,not sure i am going to do any better with my new 10" newt there is even a section dedicated the etx scope!
  14. easy peasy lemon sqeasy it drives me mad,i am never confident i have got it right. i fitted a new focuser to my orion 10" newtonian after 1 1/2 hours i think i am close,but there is just too many things to look at through the cheshire. i am thinking of getting a laser but i have heard they are not as accurate,but it might give me an idea of how close i am.
  15. what have you done to yours ? i bought a few accessories for mine like a ac power supply and an eyepiece tray also the flexible focuser is a must
  16. nice review fair and well balanced,i own a etx125pe it is a very good scope but i wouldn't pay £600 for it new though the goto technology blew me away first time i used,just select your object and away it goes! lovely crisp images of the planets and some of the brighter dso's but it has its limitations like lack of aperture,but as a grab n go its great excellent. i don't think i would recommend it to the seasoned astronomer,but for beginners it would be great,even if they would be missing out on the dubious pleasure of star hoping
  17. Pete Presland

    not good

    Hi and welcome to the sgl
  18. is it a avi file,if so there are tutorials on here http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/44740-primer-registax-tutorials-old-new.html try this
  19. never found any astro bargains but i bought the first un-abbridged edition of the ragged trousered philanthropists for 50p ! a great read one of the books of the century
  20. hi martin and welcome to the forum great pic stunning !!!
  21. Pete Presland

    morning all :)

    hi dell and welcome to the forum
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