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  1. Blink and you will miss them at the moment!

    Its a bitboring, but a feel a real sense of anticipation for the coming years as the minimum ends and the new cycle "hots" up!

  2. 55 minutes ago, Geoff Barnes said:

    Yes I find that too, the black shadows on the Jovian surface always look much bigger than the moons themselves, perhaps an optical illusion?

    I can't really say I've seen any colour in the moons either, though I did think Europa had the slightest yellow tint to it with the 4mm SLV the other night. 

    Isn't that because of this effect


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  3. 19 hours ago, Paul M said:

    I had these too but They are all long gone :(

    I loved this book. Wore it out nearly.


    Not sure if it's still in the loft or if it's "Moon, Mars & Venus" from the same stable up there.

    I had that as well, it got donated to a local astronomy society only a couple of years ago!

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  4. Nice capture, there have been odd reports of cycle 25 spots for quite a while. I guess the previous cycle will keep going for a while, slowly being replaced by the new cycle. We have got a while to wait for the return of some Decent level of activity.

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