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  1. Good to be up and about, posting again after my recent hernia op! 

    Still a bit sore, hoping to use the next week "recovering" to test my new tilt adapter with the asi290mm

    1. orion25


      Welcome, back, Pete! Take it easy, buddy ;) 


    2. bottletopburly


      Easy does it Pete thought you’d been quiet 🤫 👍

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      Speedy recovery Pete

  2. Liking the new forum look!

  3. 1st Jupiter images of the season this morning

    1. bottletopburly


      Can't see them pete

  4. broke my veil duck last night!

    1. Guy Wells

      Guy Wells

      Could always buy a new one...

  5. clear skies and a last crack at Jupiter, Mars, Saturn

  6. clouds, clouds and more clouds pretty depressing!

  7. cmon clouds go away, new AR regions to see?

    1. Luke


      They took there time to shift our way, Pete! And then there was a strip that was just over the Sun for a while! Hope you got a decent session in.

  8. colder weather on its way, about time!

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Unfortunately that means my better half will insist on having the heating on in our house. Best break out the shorts and T shirts again then.

  9. conditions tonight are the best of the year!

  10. dark skies are around the corner!

  11. done the improvements to the obsy roof just in time, raining again!

    1. Luke


      Good timing :)

    2. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      lucky it wasnt suposed to rain untill the evening

    3. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Glad you got it sorted in time.

  12. everything ready for tomorrows 3am planetary session, followed by some solar imaging!

    1. Drop Of Sun

      Drop Of Sun

      Good luck, Pete! I am hoping for some solar if the clouds keep away long enough!

  13. glad i got a couple of sessions in before the rain returns!

  14. great to see SGL usings its profile to warn about eclipse safety.

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    2. Ant


      Got to do your bit for safety haven't you? :)

    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      yes deffo, can you do something about the cloud gods as well? :-)

    4. Ant


      I'll give it a go fella. No promises though :)

  15. guided images from now on !!!!

  16. happy christmas everyone

    1. JessicaFaye


      And to you too! :)

  17. Happy new year everyone!

    1. orion25


      Happy new year, my friend!

    2. xtreemchaos


      happy, clear, new year mate.

    3. bottletopburly


      have a good one pete

  18. happy new year to all on SGL

  19. happy new year to all on SGL

  20. happy new year to everyone!

  21. Jupiter is quite high now in the mornings!

    1. ghostdance


      I know, I keep telling him to just say 'NO!' Will he listen? Tsk.....

      (Looking good tho innit? )

  22. jupiter transit well under way and its clear!

    1. orion25


      You are so lucky! It was cloudy and rainy where I am during the transits. Did you get any images?

    2. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      i did not too bad early on pretty horrid by the end though

  23. just pulled the plug on a Hotech collimator !

  24. looks like clear skies for the Mars opposition

  25. looks like solar imaging is to be taking a back seat for a while

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    2. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      weather, dark early. mind you got some in today!

    3. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      weather, dark early. mind you got some in today!

    4. David Smith

      David Smith

      Yeh, gets tricky this time of year. I may need to "work from home" more often :-/

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