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  1. okay sounds good, yeah so far i have 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 15mm ,25mm, and 32. and the 2x barlow and some filters. can you guys explain real quick what the wedge does? and where you place it. t6hanks guys i appreciate it. im gonna have to get that 6.3 focal reducer
  2. hey guys i was wondering if i could get some advice on alligning the celestron 6se. i pik 3 objects in complaetly different ends of the sky. and falloww all instructions on entering my information of time date etc.. i keep getting a fail. other than that i love using the scope. thanks guys
  3. hey guys hope everyones enjoying the holidays, i just recieved my celestron 6 se and i gotta say i love it for my firrst scope. i feel like i made the right decision. so far for accessories i have a power tank and a celestron eyepiece and filter briefcase. i also have a dew shield. i was hoping i could get some advice of current celestron se owners as to what upgrades i shouuld do first and which are most important. ive read in forums that these arent great telescopes for astrophotography but im interested in getting some type of cheap camera to get some shots of what i capture. some advice for the camera decision would be great. thank you guys for the help.
  4. arrite guys thanks for the advice i think that the 6 se best suits me for now. ima go ahead and order it, and later on if im really into it ima get a nice reflector. i never thoughtordering my first telescope would be such a long process. i hope im ive made the right decision
  5. So I'm almost to the point where I'm gonna order a new celestron 6 se. The only thing in the back of my head is everyone saying that with an 8" reflector I will get more for my buk. My questions are what is the maintenance that has to be done to reflectors and how often, as far as adjusting and what not. And second is it possible to get celestron mount with goto and have a 8 in reflector on it? And will that be a better choice than the 6 se? Thank you guys for your help, I really appreciate it. I'll anxiously be awaiting some of your answers... thank you
  6. lol, wow, alot of mixed feelings i can see. yes you guys are right im going to eventually want something different i think that im just going to buy the 6 se with some accessories like the power tank and lens kit as wel as the dew protector. i guess later on i if i am still invested in the hobby i could save up and get a good reflector like the ones listed. im sure theres nothign better then havings different scopes for different occasions. quick question on the reflectors, what type of maintenance do these telescopes require? does the mirror have to be adjusted every so often and how much will the mainteneance cost me? also is this forum based out of the uk? i live in south florida usa, im started to get the feeling that maybe im in a far far away community. thanks so much for the help guys and im deciding on getting the 6 se. later on ill back for advice on my second scope.
  7. can you guys let me know if this would be a good telescope to view planets with as well as galaxies and what not. what kind of view will it have on those really far objects? nice and wide, or more narrow, also the telescope supposively gives you the option of refractor and reflector, is this true too? thanks for the help guys. im thinking of just spending some more money than 500 on my first scope so that i can be happy the first time around. or at least close to it. thank you
  8. yea thansk for all the advice guys. the more i look the more i get confused and want somehting different. im now thinking of just puting some more money into it and buying one of the celestron 5 or 6 se. what do you feel about these scopes>? will they give me a good view of planets and other galaxies as well?
  9. yea ive learned the past couple days that picking your telescope is tougher than it sounds. im now narrowed down to getting the celestron 102, but the celestron se looks reall good too. im thinking about spending some extra money and getting like a 5 or 6 se. i dont know
  10. wow guys i appreciate all the advice and pointers. yea im basically looking for a good all around scope that i can store in my bedroom in cool temp. when im not using it, a scope that i could put in my truck and take to some darker areas. and im just looking to see what is out there, nothing specific, some planets would be great, some good moon views. i have 500 bucks to spend. do you guys think the auto scopes with comp are neccasary for a beginner? and one more thing what do you guys mean by cool down time? do these scopes get hot or something?
  11. hey guys, im new to this forum and was planning on buying a telescope for christmas. ive got a 500 dollar budget, im a begginer and just want to begin enjoying the sky. ive narrowed it down to 3 refractor telescopes and just wanted your opinion on which one would be a better decision, and if in fact these are well recommended first time telescopes that will give me a good view of the sky. thanks you guys for your help. the three telescopes are the celestron 102 slt, the skywatcher light chariot 102 AR-AZ and the makustov skymax 127. please if any other suggestions for a first scope, the advice will be greatly appreciated. im just looking for a scope that can last me a long time and will teach me alot, hopefully open me up into a new hobby. thank you
  12. hey guys im getting my first telescope and wanted to know whats the best kind of scopes are for beginners, refractors or reflectors? appreciate the advice guys
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