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  1. sennetor

    DSO 5 Months in

    Got a second hand 200p skywatcher newtonian in November on an EQ5 mount and added some clock drives. up until the end of the year I was struggling to get anymore than a 30 second exposure without significant star trails. Then I noticed one cold night that my polar scope was not properly aligned with the RA axis of the mount. Bang - one quick field fix later and these are 90second single exposure efforts. Canon 1200d 3200iso RAW with dehaze and some slight tweaking in lightroom. No filters no autoguiders but a shed load of patience. wish I could master the drift alignment method next or get a lightweight autoguider.
  2. sennetor

    First DSO photo attemps

    Just getting started with a 200p Newtonian Helios on a RA drive EQ5 mount
  3. Your right! The journey from Scotland to Hereford might cause a bit of dislodgement. I'm not going into too much detail here but I've also signed a nondisclosure agreement which prohibits me from letting others examine it. However I'm probably safe in assuming that I can't stop others from getting real close while I'm "field testing" I also can't yet reveal anything specific about the wavelengths but the design team have only just begun metamodeling and have a long way to go before they start mass producing superlight & flat optical lenses. I hope that explains it, also don't get your hopes up too much as I've not gotten permission to take it off campus yet!! I'll be lucky if they let me take one of their failed fabrication sample lenses.
  4. Hi Guys, Who would like to see the worlds first meta-lens achromatic refractor? The objective lens was designed by a University across the pond and a small group from the University of Glasgow helped fabricate. I'm hoping to borrow and bring it along but I should stress that the inside of the OTA has a vanta black coating which is so fragile I can't let anyone touch the scope as sudden knocks tend to dislodge the coating and leave a fine black powder on the inside of the lenses. I'll have a CCD/CMOS attached and hopefully may get the first metalens DSO images up on the laptop.* FYI Aperture exactly 92.1mm, focal length approx 506mm The scope is also sealed due to the hazards presented by vantablack. *Or I could just look through the OTA myself and describe it to you either way you'll think I'm jesus holding the cup of the covenant.
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