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  1. Hi Alan, mine has a 2020 late September date of inspection. I contacted with flo, they are always very helpful, and I am sending it back, hoping that the coma can be improved if not fully eliminated. Probably because of the very high demand for redcats the quality control department of WO isn't working 100% accurately. George.
  2. Hi, seems that I am facing a similar situation. Received the Redcat after a long wait only to find out that I must be very unlucky and is a bad one too. I tried with two different cameras (600d and 350d), there is a lot of coma at the left , I am not an expert, but it mustn't be a tilt problem. When I rotate the camera (0, 90,180) the problem rotates also. I contacted flo and I am waiting for a response. I hope that we will work it out cause I really like this little scope.
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