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  1. I was able to figure out that the base will default to the external plug over the onboard AA batteries. Just by plugging in the Power Tank, I saw the brightness increase a bit on the hand control. I did the StarAlign again tonight. First time, no problems. I used Mars and two stars to the right of Mars. When I slewed to the third "star", I saw rings! Alright! I used Saturn as the third object and the handheld said the align was good to go. I was just able to get my two little girls out to take a peak at Saturn before their bedtime. Where those some of Saturn's moons nearby or stars in the background? The base seemed to be tracking Saturn without an issue. I started with the 32mm eyepiece. Then swapped it for the 25mm. Then the 13mm. The base was still tracking. That was it for tonight. Hopefully we'll have clear skies this Friday and I can give the tracking another good test. I'm still not exactly sure what "Use the same mount slew directions when centering all your alignment stars and chosen object." means. Mars, Saturn, and the third object I used tonight for the StarAlign formed a triangle and were pretty close together to the southwest of me.
  2. I've read this piece of advice before, but I am afraid I don't understand it. Does this mean I want my three objects to be in a straight line? I have the Celestron Power Tank... it was charging last night, but is topped off and ready for use. I will be using that for power tonight. - Additional Question: if I am using the Power Tank and have AA batteries in the base, does it default to the Power Tank? Thank you very much for all the help! I really enjoyed seeing the Moon last night.
  3. Hello, Super newbie here. Clearly I am doing something wrong and I am not sure what it is. I have a new Celestron 8SE. I have been successful conducting the StarAlign. I then use one of the functions to go to Mars or a star in a constellation - the telescope slews over to the location, lands on it, stops.... then rapidly starts slewing away so the telescope ends up inverted. It comes all the way over the top, starts pointing the scope downward and then stops. Help. Scott
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