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  1. Very good images Sheri. Full disc image is excellent.
  2. 250-300...crikey, that's high! Does the disc detail not get washed out?
  3. When recording the proms and the surface detail, I increase the contrast from 100 to 150 in the DMK software before recording. If just recording surface detail, I reduce it to 55-60. Ironically, I find it easier to capture surface detail and proms in a single capture when imaging at longer focal lenghts. The longer the focal length, the less of the Sun that is captured. The part of the sun that makes it into the camera FOV is generally near the edge which is the dimmer part and is easier to balance with the brightness of the proms.
  4. My workflow is as follows (constantly under review and getting tweaked): Record avi clip of 2,000 frames with DMK21 camera in raw format (Y800 avi file0). Run in Avistack2 (better than Registax IMHO). Sharpening done in Avistack2 at the end. Bring into Photoshop. Apply Shadows/Highlights to bring out detail. Also helps in flattening the image a little and evening out the brightness across the disc a bit. Apply colourisation via levels: Adjust Red channel to 1.9, Green to 0.9 and blue to 0.5 (approx values, adjust to your own liking). FWIW, I'm still in the learning curve but I hope this helps.
  5. Looks fantastic Pete. Mind me asking how you image the Sun. DO you take one set of video files for the disc and another for the proms, or a combined version in one avi file?
  6. King, That looks much better! May I ask what software you are using for image processing?
  7. Well done Wolfgang. That's an interesting project.
  8. Seeing was awful this morning again but I thought I would give a montage a try for a change. Some nice detail on the disc - solar activity has definetly picked up since last summer. If you are thinking of getting a h-alpha scope, now is the time. Series of video clips - 1,500 frames each. Processed in Avistack2 and Photoshop. Images taken with TEC140, Coronado Solarmax90 filter, 2x Celestron Ultima barlow and DMK21 camera. http://www.astroshot.com/Solar/2011-04-28/2011-04-28-Montage1-V1.jpg (420kb)
  9. Brian, I would be interested in hearing more about your new image processing style.
  10. Yep, that was my reaction! Excellent work Brian!
  11. Images from this morning. Taken with Coronado SM90 filter, TEC140 refractor and DMK21 camera. 2000frame avi file recorded and then processed in Avistack2. Stacked image processed in Photoshop. AR1195 Snakes on the Sun...
  12. Adam, Earth is to scale alright. Takes 110 earth's lined up side be side to match the Sun's diameter. We are pretty small, to say the least...
  13. Excellent!! Mosaic blended together very well.
  14. That's very good for a first effort.
  15. That's interesting Brian. Nice detail.
  16. Images from earlier today: AR1193 in White light AR1193 in H-Alpha with Solarmax90 filter AR1193 in CaK with Lunt CaK filter AR1195 in H-Alpha with Solarmax90 filter AR1195 in CaK with Lunt CaK filter Image of Prom at 1m focal length with Solarmax90 filter Image of same Prom at 2m focal length with Solarmax90 filter Regards, Michael.
  17. Images from this afternoon. Seeing not good and slightly hazy sky. Images taken with DMK21, TEC140, Coronado Solarmax90 filter and BF10. First time imaging with this filter. Michael.
  18. I bought a Watec 902H from e-bay recently. Cost less that 80euro incl shipping. It's a very sensitive B/W camera. I am in then process of using it as a meteor camera. If you want sensitivity and fast frames, stick with B/W IMHO.
  19. Just checked his site. Gone out of business.
  20. Very interesting thread. Thanks for taking the time to post your progress reports. I would be interested to hear how you find using Spectrum Lab. Michael.
  21. I think the focal length will be more of an issue than aperture. I use a daystar filter in my TEC140 @ 4m focal length. Even in damp auld Ireland, one can get reasonably good seeing in the early morning before the Sun gets too high. With the Lunt scope, it operates at only 1,610mm so I don't think the seeing will choke the aperture too much. Even if a 2x barlow was used, it's still manageable IMHO.
  22. The PST etalon and blocking filter may be a bit small for this kind of project. A 50mm etalon and B3400 blocking filter would be better. More expensive solution obviously. Michael.
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