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  1. Had a great evening last night, drove to the common, way above any streetlights etc, and arrived to thick blanket of cloud. Within half hour it way moving on and the darkness fell - had the camera at the ready - then from behind us came 2 really bright lights swirling round and round - grrr someone had decided tonight was the night to give there remote control helicopters a spin - did they not know I was there waiting to see the meteors. Anyway the battery soon died - cue evil laugh!! And then the show began - WOW - first ever meteor shower - totally in awe. Had the bonus of Jupiter in the clear skies also. Flask of coffee and a good old pork pie helped while away the hours at 11.30 hehe and we gave up around 12.30 - couldnt get the day of work Anyway took around 60 pics and after having a quick skim through them at home there were no meteors to see However, I downloaded them and behold on 3 photos you can see the trails - how made up was I!! So all in all a very good night in Gloucester and considering the amount of cloud cover we had during the day, it could not have been better.
  2. I was wondering who had ordered the cloud - was awful last night, Jupiter kept moving in and out of the clouds - did manage to spot 4 moons though with my cheapy scope so well chuffed. Missed 3 Perseids though whilst faffing with the scope but saw 4 last night - spectacular!!! Skies over Gloucester today are just thick with cloud, not good especially after I have told everyone at work to get outdoors tonight! Fingers crossed it clears up - otherwise my reputation may be in tatters!!
  3. I used to live in the Lakes and moved to Gloucetershire - I didnt pay much attetion to the night sky when I lived there but on the odd visit home I always make reference to the stars etc. Notquite the same living on the edge of a city
  4. I saw one last night - not bad from the middle of an estate I sat for over an hour watching Jupiter rising, I intend on hitting the common armed with blankets and a flask - flip the roof back on the car and wait
  5. Nothing could of prepared me for the sight of saturn - WOW, DOUBLE WOW, infact I have spent 2 nights just looking! Even the kids are impressed, which id fairly tricky with teenagers!. I have seen many posts saying that you never forget your first viewing and I dont think I will. Amazing and WOW! Jo
  6. Wish Gloucestershire CC would have a bit more sense, I have 2 streetlights at either ende of my back garden and we are not talking acres, just a standard estate back garden, one would be sufficent! I would back a lights out policy.... Jo
  7. Hi Just thought I would let you know I have purchased my 2nd scope today. Its a Bresser Skylux NG refractor - 700mm focal length, 70mm lens on an EQ3 mount suplied with 3 Kellner EP's (20, 12 and 4mm) for the bargain price of £50 for Lidl. On the manual it says Meade Instruments?? Anyway I already have a skywatcher 114 reflector but I had the new one up and runing in minutes and found it much easier to use than the skywatcher, and hopefully it will be much easier to throw in the car and find some dark areas. If anyone is looking for a starter scope without spending a fortune I think this is great and defiantely thought I should share! Jo
  8. Hi Rich I am too embarking on this course S194?, I should of submitted in April but unfortunately due to work commitments was unable to really get going. I am now well into it now though and finding it very interesting and also frustrating that I am unable to see the answers!!! Perhaps thats just me being impatient! Anyway good luck to you, I may well do the next one... if I pass Jo Jo
  9. Thank you all once again for your hints, tips and advice. I am pleased to report that I have managed to see stars with my 2 EP's and even got a view of Mars - albeit a wobbly image but none the less I feel I have finally come to a mututal understanding with my scope. I have been out every night since Friday and am loving it. I cannot believe where the time goes and Im looknig forward to many more nights to come - although Im sure the family think they have been abandoned. Once again many thanks Jo
  10. After a bit of research I think I will look at investing 15mm and 20mm which is somewhere in between the 2 I have. Im not sure if I can go for an 8mm with my scope. Also there was a comment from Jim M that my 2x barlow would be completely worthless is that because of the max magnification I can see or because it is a Rubbish make? Wondering if there would be THAT much difference if I replaced that also? I am sceptical as at this rate the EP's will cost more than the scope itself. I apprecaite its not a cheap hobby but am I wasting my money buying decent EP's on a low cost scope? Thanks Jo
  11. Thank you all for your comments and advice, like they say if its too good to be true it probabaly is - as I suspected. So the 2 EPs supplies should be OK as a starter. I havent got a great deal of spare cash (who has at the moment!) but will look into maybe picking up an EP or two. Surely the collimation is OK if I can get fabulous view of the moon? I will keep trying with the 2 EP I have and fingers crossed and a bit more patience I might get to see something other than the moon! I have got a red dot finder and think it is aligned....... Star parties sound really daunting to a total novice but can see the benefits of the knowledge and advice I could pick up - I shall look for clubs in the Gloucestershire area - if anyone knows of any I would love to know about it Thanks once again Jo
  12. Hi I hope this is the best place for advice for some one who is baffled by terminology. Very new to this and am pleased to say I got out last night with my Skyhawk 114 (my bestest XMas pressent ever!) and got some great views of the moon, and even got some great snaps with my point and shoot camera, but I could not see any stars through the scope at all?? The scope came with a 10mm and 25mm wide and 2x barlow and I tried each and every combination but to no avail! Am I being impatient, thick or what? Also I was thinking of making a bargain purchase... "Kit Comprises: 2mm, 5mm, 15mm & 20mm Long Eye Relief Eyepieces, Four Threaded Light Filters (Amber, Blue, Neutral Grey & Moon Filter) Dual - Beam LED Night Vision Torch, Astronomical Telescope User Guide, in lockable, foam-padded Aluminium Case " All for £69 (RRP£149), I wondered do I need all of the above? what difference will the filters make and what do the filters do. Any help and advice would be fab. Heres hoping there are many more clear skies over frosty Gloucester to come!! Jo
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