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  1. I have a Datyson T7 camera, I used for some time with a QHY miniGuideScope, but I think it is a bad camera. It is very noisy and it is not very sensitive. A mono ASI120MM Mini is lightyears better what I use for the same guidescope now.
  2. Uncooled ZWO ASI178MC camera
  3. Hi, I completed a small 3D printing project yesterday to have a cap for my Star Analyser 100 filter while it is permanently fit on DSLR lenses. Here it is the 3D model if anybody else wants to print such cap for a filter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2834248 Csaba
  4. @happy-kat: I think the Star Discovery is just a "rebranded" or newer revision of "Skywatcher AZ Goto" mount head although the former is black and the latter is silver. The motor resolution means how much arcsec is 1 microstep with the motor. EQ mount heads are around 0.1 arcsec. Errata: My Virtuoso mount reports 1.5 arcsec for motor resolution.
  5. Update if anybody else will face to the same question: Skywatcher Merlin Weight: 1.75 kg Payload: 4 kg Motor resolution: 0.8923 arcsec Skywatcher AZ Goto Weight: 2.20 kg Payload: 5 kg Motor resolution: 0.8923 arcsec Skywatcher AZ GTi Weight: 1.3 kg Payload: 5 kg Motor resolution: 0.625 arcsec Celestron LCM Weight: ? Payload: 3 kg Motor resolution: ? Skywatcher Virtuoso Weight: 3.7 kg Payload: 4 kg Motor resolution: 2.42 arcsec
  6. Thank you for the tip, I did not know about this site!
  7. Hi, I currently have a SW Virtuoso mount, but it is too heavy (4 kg) and I would like to buy an other lighter Alt/Az mount. What I care is the mount head weight and I don't care about the max. payload. Unfortunately, the Celestron/SW specs are lacking in this regard. Can you help me to get only the exact weight of the mount head (without telescope, handset and tripod) if you possess the following? Skywatcher Merlin - ? Skywatcher AZ Goto - ? Skywatcjer AZ GTi - 1.3 kg/2.86 pounds Celestron LCM - ? I googled a lot, but the specs normally unclear about this.
  8. I search for Skywatcher Merlin Alt/Az Mount. Preferably, tabletop version and shipping with Hermes. My location is Tampere in Finland.
  9. The sensors are only there because they were very cheap and easy way to create a small weather station over the allsky webcam function. In a longer run, I will see how I can use them for automating some things with my imaging sessions. Set up alerts based on sudden raining/snowing or similar. And it was fun to make it work!
  10. Old topic, but I was lazy. I finalized my allskycam for now. I added a pressure sensor next to the humidity/temperature sensor. The station's own web page: http://zenallskycam.privatedns.org Wunderground page: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=ITAMPERE125
  11. Quick googling reveals this post: https://larrylisky.com/2016/11/24/enabling-raspberry-pi-camera-v2-under-ubuntu-mate/ Does it help?
  12. I renamed the github repository to: https://github.com/kecsap/robot_telescope/tree/master/weather_sensor_dht22
  13. Cool that the divider worked for you. I tried to assembly the cable to a HC-06 bluetooth modul, I have only 10k resistors at home right now, but it did not work with a 10k+10k to halve the voltage from the Virtuoso to 5.5V. The divider worked on the Beagleboard, but the HC-06 did not power up. I order a regulator to make the connection. I also built a normal cable (RJ11 to USB) which works fine. After looking in the software options, I think to write an INDI driver for the Virtuoso because the ASCOM driver is Windows-only and I want to control my scope from my Raspberry Pi.
  14. I tried quite many things today and played with the options. It seems that I can do nothing about this long processing time. Nothing changes the delay, I turned off the white balance settings etc. When I choose a different mode with -md parameter, raspistill returns quicker, the image has far-far less content, unusable. But anyway, it is not a huge problem.
  15. Ok, right now I am quite unsure what happens. I use a NoIR version of the "Camera Module v1" for Raspberry Pi. Specs: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/hardware/camera/README.md According to the documentation I use only 4.5 sec shutter time with the command (and it can do max. 6 sec): raspistill -ISO 800 -n -w 640 -h 384 -ss 4500000 -o test.png ...but this command returns only after 34 seconds. If it uses only 4.5 seconds shutter time, I wonder why it would take 30 seconds to return a simple png file, the Raspberry is in idle. But most likely it is the reality, I mixed t
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