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  1. I’ve just bought a Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro. I’m trying to drive it from Stellarium using EQMOD but I’m running into a problem I haven’t the experience to solve. This is my set up: Windows 7 Laptop > 10m active USB 3.0 cable > 4 port powered Atolla USB 3.0 hub > Lynx Astro EQMOD cable > Mount (plugged directly into hand control socket) When I first connected the mount to the laptop (a 2015 Dell Inspiron) Windows 7 searched for a serial/USB driver and installed it on COM 8 (according to Device Manager). In Stellarium I created a profile for the mount but it wouldn’t
  2. I’ll certainly be checking it out before I use it again, along with updating the firmware. Thanks.
  3. Must admit, I last updated the firmware towards the end of last year. I’ll get onto that as I should’ve been on top of it anyway. Thanks.
  4. Ah, maybe, although I can’t recall when the SkyPortal app last updated. Sounds plausible.
  5. Just a bit! Using SkyPortal on my iPad the date, time and location are always current, so maybe not that unless they can clash somehow?
  6. I’ve been using my 8’ Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a couple of years now and I added a wedge to it a few months back. Using SkyPortal with StarSense I’ve never really had any major issues getting it aligned. Last night I was setting up to photograph Mars and went through my normal procedure. StarSense took its images but, after confirming success with the third plate, instead of just winding up a bit and parking it proceeded to pitch the ota towards the north well below the horizon. Fortunately nothing snagged. I skipped the ASPA and instructed it to goto Mars and was s
  7. Thanks for the advice Ray, I’ll check those out Looking at the ota I see there are several screw heads. Is there a way to identify which are safe to use for attachments? Wouldn’t want to undo anything critical by mistake
  8. Hi All Depending on the piggy bank I’m thinking of getting a Skywatcher Evostar 72ED primarily for photography. However, it strikes me that I might also be able to press it into use as a guide scope on my 8” Celestron Edge HD. I’d be grateful for any advice on how exactly I could attach it to the ota please? I already have a StarSense camera and a finder-scope attached. Thanks
  9. Ah! That’s very useful, thanks Presumably the hub doesn’t have to be anything fancy? Would something like this be OK? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Atolla-Powered-Splitter-Switches-Charging/dp/B071QZ5D7L/ref=sr_1_8?crid=3DW1JWM53XAOL&dchild=1&keywords=powered+usb+3+hub&qid=1588940942&refinements=p_76%3A419158031&rnid=419157031&rps=1&sprefix=Powered%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-8&swrs=43AD7910B3A36CDE55B4A8036DE4009A At the moment I’m running my laptop, DSLR and mount from their internal batteries, and my dew straps from a power tank. However, I might look i
  10. Thanks for tip - looks like the CPWI software is definitely compatible with my Evolution mount. I’ll probably download it and have a play Tbh, even though my mount has built in WiFi I really wouldn’t trust it to connect to anything for extended periods. It drops out regularly when I’m using SkyPortal on an iPad Pro stood right next to the mount. It’s really frustrating, and I’ve had to redo alignments over and over because it’s dropped connection. I’m assuming the cable to the mount would need to go from a USB port to the mini-USB on the handset (which is still serial I think)?
  11. Hi folks I’m hoping someone can offer me some clear beginner advice on PC/camera/mount connections and cables for imaging/guiding please. I realise the following will be second nature to most of you, but at the moment I keep reading and re-reading articles and all I succeed in doing is giving myself a big brain freeze... For guiding my naive assumption was that for early days simplicity I could just connect the camera to my mount via ST4 and to the PC by USB3 cable... then I discovered the Celestron Evolution mount doesn’t have an ST4 port. Doh! So, I think I need to u
  12. Thanks for that, I didn’t realise the axis settings could be varied to accommodate particular corrections.
  13. Sounds complicated I’m really just starting out and although I’ve heard of drift alignment I’m not completely sure what it involves in practice. I’m just hauling my tripod in and out atm, but a pier sounds handy - I have a spot in mind, but not sure whether I could get away with building one
  14. Yes, StarSense first then ASPA, but then I repeat the StarSense alignment - a sequence I found suggested in a separate thread which also suggested rinsing and repeating until there’s no further improvement. I’m working through SkyPortal on my iPad Pro atm rather than the handset.
  15. That’s encouraging, thanks Michael. I haven’t been guiding, but I’ve just ordered an oag (something else to learn and get to grips with... ) Hopefully I’ll be able to tweak down to 5 arcmins with a bit of care.
  16. Thanks very much Pretty sure I can get both down to 0.1 deg or better with a bit of care when I do my ASPA. Just need another run of clear nights to practise
  17. Hi Folks I’ve been using a Celestron 8” Edge HD on an Evolution mount for a year or so. Mostly visual, but I’m starting to dip into imaging. I recently bought a wedge (I can’t afford an EQ mount atm). I use StarSense to align and then an all star polar alignment. And all seems to work fine, but I realise the polar deviation should be as close to 0 as practicable. So what numbers in degree terms would be considered ‘good as it gets’ given my mount and method? I need something to aim at The pic is the deviation from one session. Thanks.
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