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  1. cheers Alan, I'm hoping for clear skies when i finally make the purchase...
  2. I'm in London so I've been enjoying looking at those, plus Jupiter, through the binos.. in between the clouds of course.
  3. Cheers guys, clearly I still have a lot of learning to do! Think I might have fun with the scope and worry about EPs once I know what the heck I'm doing...
  4. True enough, I'm trying not to get carried away with lenses and the like until I've had a chance to use the scope for a while. But I figure a Barlow is the first purchase after the scope, and it's hard not to get excited! The scope comes with a 25mm EP as standard.
  5. Hullo there, I'm looking to get my first scope next month and I'm pretty much set on a NexStar 6SE. I know that I'm going to need a barlow to appreciate the views but there are many to choose from and I don't know what I should be looking for, whether some are more compatible with certain scopes than other. The price range is pretty wide and I have no idea if you 'get what you pay for'? Er, help...! Cheers, Dug
  6. Thanks all.... definitely some good advice there. I think I'll get used to the scope first and have a play with the EP it comes with before I rush out and buy anything else. Famous last words....!
  7. Hullo all, I've been doing some research for a while now on a first telescope, and after much deliberation I've decided to go for a NexStar 6SE. The next dilemma I have is which eyepieces to consider as a first addition to the scope. I've seen the sets from Celestron and Revelation which give a good selection of eyepieces, barlow and filters, but I don't know if they will be of sufficient quality to last, or whether I'd find them limiting within 6 - 12 months. Alternatively, is it better to spend the same money on one or two higher quality pieces. I've also considered the Hyperion 8-24mm Zoom as a flexible alternative. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use any of them, so I'd very much appreciate any views / advice. Cheers, Dug
  8. Thanks guys, this is great advice. I've had a bit more of a look around and like the look of the Celestron SE range too, but they seem to be a little more expensive than the Skywatcher range, for equivalent aperture. Is there a performance difference between the two brands, or it is down to manufacturing? Cheers, Dug
  9. Hi there, I'm new to astronomy and I'm looking for some advice on my first scope. I live in London and want something that I can use for moon, planets and some DSO. I know light pollution is going to be bad, so portability is also a consideration. I was lucky enough to try out a Meade ETX 90 yesterday and was very impressed with the results, and my budget would stretch to a ETX 125 which I guess is going have even better results. But I don't know if I'll get similar performance from a Skymax 127 if the apeture is so similar? If so, I can safe a few pennies on the Skywatcher over the Meade. Any experience / assistance greatfully received! Dug
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