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  1. Hi thank you for the reply I realy don't no anything so the positive comment helps and took on board what you said and I understand lol I will take what you said and go from there so thank ?
  2. Wow that's alot to take in :/ but thanks I think lol like i said I'm new it's just to get me started... so what objects will I be able to see... o my I don't realy no how to reply I'm reading what you said and don't realy understand sorry to come across stupid but we all start somewhere I guess all I can tell you is I recently move into the country and at night when I look up there's alot me looking back so I wanted to see it closer I will upgrade but not at that point yet... just curious thanks
  3. Hi all I have just bought the Celestron 114 LCM Computerised Newtonian Telescope some feed back please but be kind I'm new so I'm looking for some tips not just negative feedback thank you
  4. I did see this what's your opinion Skywatcher Explorer 130 (EQ-2) thanks
  5. Hello people I'm new on this site plus new to the hobby, I'm looking for some advise on which telescope I should buy for a beginner I want to see planets and to gaze into deep space not really looking to spend lots of money on my first one around about £300 to £350 please can I get some feed back to help me venture forward thanks in advance.
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