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    Stargazing. photography, shooting, electronics, computing, self sufficiency, DIY, motorcycling, chickens.
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  1. Oh wow. Thanks folks. I will research your info and let you know how I get on. Happy gazing. Jules
  2. Very comprehensive list. What software are you running on the Pi to control the ZWO?
  3. Hi SGL forum. I currently have a HEQ5 Pro mount which I am just about to attach an Astroberry to for normal astro pics etc. However I am really interested in sticking a normal camera and wideish lens to do some wide field panoramic milky way shots and stitch them together. So mt question is have any of you ever seen anything that will drive the mount to do a patchwork of shots automatically?
  4. We are lucky that we do not have to travel to witness the majesty of the night sky.
  5. Dear SGL. Your opinion is required please. We are very lucky and live in Southern Central France with stunning dark skies. When we get time we look up at the wonders of the night sky. Last night we set up our sunbeds and after a bit of bat watching we settled back to a couple of bottles of red and some cheese. We saw a few shooting stars the milky way as bright as ever, 2 iridium flares as predicted by ISS tracker and lots of air traffic. But we saw those strange flashes again! On several occasions in the past my GF has spotted very brief flashing lights, sometimes 2 in the s
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