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  1. Is there a Book/website that tells you the distance between stars and galaxies? thanks steve
  2. found it it's only taken me 4 hours i must have scanned past it hundreds of times, Street light has been a problem, It was very faint just visible with my 15x70 no way a naked eye for me, Looked like a very faint washed out smudge but was amazing:D I was determined to find it tonight so now i can sleep soundly or should i stay up for Saturn
  3. This is what makes Astronomy exciting for newbies like me and my son. Beautiful picture and something i hope i can master in the years to come:)
  4. Just received my bino's from FLO and i have to say im very impressed Just been waiting for the clouds to break so i can have a peek and had a look at the great nebula in orion and it looked amazing "well for a total newbie like me it did:p" pleiades also really looked sharp, Also got a quick look at jupiter but couldn't hold them steady enough for a good view but did pick out a couple of moons and banding across the middle. I can't recommend them enough and they are steal at just under £50:headbang: Just need to get a mount now, Can't wait till my son gets his 10" Dob for christmas Now off to find M31 steve
  5. Excellent mate will need to give this a try
  6. Are these taken just by holding the cam up to the eye piece?
  7. George does the 250px come in some sort of case to transport.? steve
  8. Does the Dob come with some sort of box to transport it in. I do have a van "actually its a Chevy Astro" so it will fit
  9. Like how dark space is very spooky
  10. Nice i could look at this for hours:)
  11. Regan


    Welcome onboard Skunk:)
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