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  1. Hi Mark, did you get my last private message?
  2. Looking for asi120mm or asi224mm with autoguiding port.
  3. Hi, what weight does it hold and what's the maximum time it can track accurately for photographic use?
  4. You can buy one from Amazon, I just took one from myself this week. Search for "240v Mains To 12V DC Cigarette Lighter Voltage Converter Power Adapter 10A SB12". It's 12.72 quid.
  5. Wanted HEQ5 mount or equivalent, preferably West Midlands area.
  6. I was thinking to order one from Sumerian but my dob weights 40 kilos (solid tube 12") their specs shows 35 max.
  7. Hi, Is there anyone left in UK to manufacture motorised EQ Platforms at a decent price? I've seen some are sold in US for around 300$ but I would like to buy locally at one point.
  8. Great image indeed. Do you have any kind of blueprints for the eq platform? I have a 12" solid tube Dob and I would need fancy one for sure.
  9. I completely agree. Probably one of the questions to come will be why not a cheap refractor. Well, because of focal length and image quality.
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