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  1. Hi, I recently bought an orion XT8 dobsonian (focal length: 1200, f ratio: 5.9). It came with a 25mm plossl and I bought an 11mm 82 degree explore scientific, mainly for use on small deep sky objects. I am looking to buy a planetary eyepiece. I really enjoy using the ES eyepiece so was considering buying either the 6.7mm or 4.7mm ones. The 6.7 doesn't seem to offer enough magnification and its focal length seems too close to my 11mm but if I bought the 4.7mm, I'd worry about its performance (someone told me that using an eyepiece with a focal length near the focal ratio of the telescope was a bad idea). Thank you. Ben
  2. Hello I have recently bought an Orion XT8 dobsonian (f/5.9, focal length 1200mm) which comes with a 25mm Orion Sirius Plossl (AFOV 52°). At the moment, this is my only eyepiece. I need advice on which eyepiece(s) to buy for both planetary and deep sky observing. Because my budget is only about £150 (~200$) and I would like to buy a high quality eyepiece which I can continue using as I get more experience and better equipment, I thought it would make sense if I only bought one eyepiece, preferably with a low enough focal length for some planetary observing but a high enough one for smaller deep sky objects. I know this is slightly unrealistic but for the time being I don't mind being able to see very little detail on Jupiter/Saturn and Mars as a very small red dot. I was considering buying a Baader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom, but the low field of view at 24mm (50°) put me off slightly as it renders the eyepiece useless for me at that focal length (as I already have the 25mm plossl). The ES82 series seems like a good option and I was considering getting the 8.8mm or the 6.7mm. Thank you, Ben
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