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  1. Yes saw ISS over Hereford at 21:49 on its way east and saw shootiing star also
  2. Could be folks......would be interested if anyone else in the Hereford area saw them to give their thoughts on whether they were indeed Chinese Lanterns?
  3. Has anyone else in the Hereford area witnessed the multiple orange lights in the sky tonight....I noticed them rising over the horizon around 10.15pm whilst looking toward Orion and they are still appearing now. There are no flashing lights....they rise and move slowly to the South East toward Mordiford? Anyone seen them...anyone know what they are are? I've seen over a dozen so far.
  4. I saw a very bright stationary light that appeared twice in the same part of the western sky in the area of cygnus near Hereford this evening between 6.30pm and 7pm. The light was much brighter than jupiter and appeared for about 5 seconds each time before disappearing....no idea what it was. Alot of helicopter activity tonight also.
  5. This evening in the western sky near Hereford I saw an extremely bright white light probably 4 to 5 times brighter than Jupiter appear in the Cygnus area of the sky out of nowhere twice between 6.30pm and 7.00pm before disappearing....no idea what this was?
  6. Thank you Beulah, John and Bender. I am still deliberating to be honest but I have now managed to sell my Skywatcher Explorer 150P. I am assuming that pyrex mirrors are superior to standard but can't find any confirmation. I can't wait to upgrade particularly as the arms of the milky way are spectacular at the moment when clear skies allow.
  7. Thank you all very much for your responses. Think I'm going to go for the 250PX pyrex and all
  8. I buy Astronomy Now and Sky at Night on a monthly basis but don't subscribe. Never much liked Sky and Telescope.
  9. Good evening, I am looking to upgrade from a Skywatcher Explorer 150P to a Skywatcher Dobsonian and wondered if anyone could tell me what is the difference between the Skywatcher Skyliner 250P Flextube and the Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Flextube? Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks Paul Hereford
  10. Hello Johnboy...sorry, this is off topic but I couldn't resist complimenting you on your ELO Eldorado Avatar!
  11. Good evening...I'm in Hereford and I am hoping for clear skies when I venture out in 30 mins or so. I'm also looking to point my scope at Jupiter tonight for the first time ever...fingers crossed. Jupiter was shining brightly last night whilst I drove home at midnight
  12. or....they might panic us into thinking an asteroid impact is going to happen so that THEY can spend billions on weoponising space....possibly, maybe
  13. As my partner will be in the land of nod by the time darkness falls, if clouds prevent me observing, I tend to have a browse of this wonderful forum, read and keep walking in and out of the house in the vain hope that the sky will clear.
  14. The governments will probably leave us to fend for ourselves whilst they lift off to a safe destination somewhere in the cosmos
  15. Thank you Llamafarmer and Tophouse. Great advice. I will give it a go
  16. Thank you Barkis. The front latitude adjustment bolt has snapped and the end of the bolt is stuck inside the mount. Sorry - I didn't mention that in my original post. I am in Hereford.
  17. Good evening, I have a Skywatcher 150P EQ3-2 Reflector and recently loaned it to a friend who is looking to get into astronomy. Upon the return of my scope I discovered that the front latitude adjuster was broken/snapped off. This hasn't caused me too many probs when observing but I want to upgrade and will need to to sell the 150P including mount. I suppose I could just sell the tube and keep the EQ3-2 or sell the lot to my 'friend' if he will have it. Is it expensive to purchase a new EQ3-2 manual mount as I don't think it is possible to repair? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  18. Hello Armsoft....I too viewed Saturn for the first time a couple of weeks ago and share your euphoria. It really was a fabulous leap forwards for me
  19. Welcome Steve from a fellow newbie....this site is the place to be for any advice you may need
  20. Welcome Geoff.....I am also in Herefordshire
  21. Yes I saw the objects also...but prior to that whilst looking towards Saturn with the naked eye a light as bright as Venus appeared below Saturn and moved in a Westerly direction for about 10 seconds getting dimmer as it moved until it was a slow moving speck of light before disappearing. No idea what it was?
  22. Thank you very much for your responses. Very much appreciated. I think I will stick with the 6'' 150P for the time being as it is a great scope....I think I am getting a little greedy and need to walk before I can run so will experiment with different eye pieces etc before upgrading. I am relearning the sky quite quickly and have also looked at GOTO so when I do upgrade it will be for a 10'' with GOTO possibly.
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