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  1. I agree with geordie85. I've had 2 aps-c camera's and bought a full frame and never use the aps-c any more. Reduced noise is a huge plus. I use mine on an 80mm triplet so it is a fair bit undersampled but as I use Pixinsight I can drizzle the stacked frames to double the resolution quite easily. I'm often surprised at how good small objects like galaxies turn out. I've bucked the big 2 and shoot a Sony A99, you can check my results in my gallery here. Just bought my first cooled mono cam + filter wheel and filters so waiting for the compulsory cloud to clear up before testing it! Can
  2. Gaztro

    Southern Lights

    Aurora from Southern Australia
  3. I'm pretty new to the game after having some fun with a DSLR and telephoto on an Ioptron Skytracker I just bought an HEQ5-Pro and today ordered the TS Photoline 80mm f/6 FPL53 Triplet-Apo 2,5" RPA from Germany. I was wondering if you still have / use this scope and how was your long term experience with it? Thanks in advance.
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