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  1. I will give this a crack tonight and let you know if the PTFE does the trick
  2. Fortunately it is a clear night here ,unfortunately still not having much luck . I checked my PA 4 times with the polemaster and then calibrated in phd. According to phd i don't have much orthogonal error not that it make a difference. The star i selected for my calibration was up near the celestial equator and close to the meridian. What i don't understand is some nights after a calibration it guides flawless hitting the target consistently but those nights are few and far between. No time for imaging tonight, too busy trying to figure out this guide graph and make sense of it. Here is tonights outcome
  3. Hi everyone, I am curios to know wether my guiding is satisfactory as i am fairly new to all this i have wrestled with phd2 to the point where some nights my guiding is perfect to other nights where the target is hopping around and i can't put my finger on what the problem is. I use a Polemaster for PA and my images seem to be hit and miss when aiming for 30 min subs and i have a feeling it could be better . I have attached two of my guide graphs and a 30 min fits file of NGC 3372 taken last night. I would like to hear from the experts your thoughts and if i can change anything in phd2 to get more out of my mount. I am running a 1st gen lodestar on a Moravian 16200 OAG riding on a FSQ 106 ED. George ngc 3372 ha30.fit
  4. I have noticed that my CAA can still rotated with minimal pressure even when tightly locked so it may be this. I will have to further investigate this issue and let you know for sure. George
  5. I had it originally on a Pentax 645z and had the same problem with the corners too,given the size of the MF chip thats understandable.
  6. Yes it is the QHY polemaster. I always do a drift align in PHD2 after to monitor performance and it seems to be very good,or at least i haven't had a problem with it yet. By the way your Astrobin gallery is quite impressive!! George
  7. Fingers crossed it is focuser related so i can resolve this issue quick and easy otherwise i'ts off to Tak. My biggest concern is Tak may not accept responsibility for its performance on the 16200 shifting the blame on the camera itself. Visually the Baby q is fine ,this may be their argument. Interesting times ahead :S George
  8. I will give this a go, hopefully next week if clear skies allow me to do so and let you know the outcome. Many thanks George
  9. Hi Martin, Thank you for looking into this. I am not using a reducer although i just did a bit of research and found the spacing from flattener to ccd is greater than Takahashi recommend. I have no other way to shorten this distance to achieve focus. Does this mean the 85 will never work with this combination as the flattener is inbuilt? George
  10. Hi everybody, Firstly as i am new here i would like to say a BIG thank you for the warm welcome received since joining. I am truly overwhelmed!! Now to the problem at hand I currently have a Moravian 16200 paired with a Tak 85 and i seem to be getting elongated stars only in the corners. I have rotated my camera 180 deg and taken an image with no change ,polar alignment is as close as it gets with the Polemaster so i can rule that out . In the top corners the stars seem to be streaking inwards and the bottom corners outwards. i have attached a file so you can a better idea of what i am on about. Any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Regards, George acrux ha.fit
  11. Hi everybody, I'm George, astrophotography enthusiast from Adelaide, South Australia. I am just starting out with a Takahashi fsq 85 and Moravian 16200. Currently running a SW alt/az eq 6 awaiting a Mesu 200 to arrive. I've been following these threads for a while now and you could say I'm heavily influenced by many members here as they really do know their gear. Hope to get some help along the way and look forward to hearing everyones advice.
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