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  1. Set up tonight and it’s fine, not sure why it went odd the other night, but glad it’s working as it should now.
  2. Lol did it with no glasses on ?
  3. Did nudge it into fov a few times but then stayed in view throughout my session.
  4. I’ve not set up any tracking as not sure how, I didn’t use wedge as still learning, was just normal setup with canon 650, iso 1600, I set mount north and alignment went ok, nebula stayed in shot throughout my 2 hour shooting, but anything higher than 10 seconds caused trails, as mentioned I did 30 seconds last time. So was bit confused why it was only 10 last night.
  5. Last night I was only able to get 10 second captures anything after I get trails,normally I do 30 secs, I use a nexstar 4se, would the problem me poor alignment? I use Polaris and Rigel, and target was Orion Nebula, iso was 1600 my images come out naff
  6. Thanks for all reply’s, 16 bit it is from now on.
  7. After running DSS, and I get the auto save image ( newbie ) I open it in photoshop CC, but I noticed I was unable to use the curves tool along with many others, the file is 32bit, I changed it to 16bit and worked ok, why won’t it work in 32bit ? Surly I’m loosing image quality if I reduce it. I’ve added a pic of what is available in 32bit, even after I duplicated it don’t let me.
  8. Ok thanks guys, just trying to work out my best options for AP. F12 not a good choice I’m told, but only had it couple months so need to try.
  9. read a post where a guy was using a SCT f/6.3 focal reducer on the rear of his NS 4se, I’ve asked a store for one but they are saying it’s not possible to put on on the rear of a 4se & can only go on the top, I’ve tried to contact the poster but have not been able too, has anyone else been able to do this ? Is there another attachment needed 1st.
  10. Anyone running APT on nexstar goto mount? I can’t seem to get it to work, camera connected fine, scope not, click scope and just get telescope disconnected, not that it was.
  11. I’ve just bought a canon 650D, now on my nexstar 4se it has its own camera bit, but my T ring adapter only fits in the ep holder, the rear camera hole is smaller so unable to fit it, any 4se owners know what I need to make it fit onto rear of scope ?
  12. On apple store it’s called clear outside been great app, remember to click on location
  13. Cheers guys, I’m also looking at 650D my son works for camera shop and gets 30% discount I can get a canon £650D for £139. Is this a good camera for Astro
  14. I use ISS spotter but I’ll try your one too
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