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  1. I now have the original box.
  2. Celestron 7Ah Powertank. Great condition, well looked after. No box but will be securely packed. Includes mains charger & DC lead. £45 + £5 p&p
  3. Excellent condition, very little use. Clean optics. All accessories included as far as I can tell, inc original pouch. £120 + £5 postage.
  4. I have a Mk iii for sale if you are still looking?
  5. I have a Mk iii for sale if you are still interested?
  6. Sorry, it already sold. (and I’m unable to edit the original post) Mods could you please move the thread to ‘Sold’? Thanks.
  7. Hi Adam, apologies I've been off the forum for a week or tow and didn't get a notification email - yes it's still for sale.
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