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  1. As soon as I saw, I tap off ,and old car batteries I was lost. As I say I'm absolutely useless as far as anything electrical is concerned. Lol. I know I won't go plugging in things I'm not sure about again. Thanks John.

    Oh the mount I've got is A Skywatcher AZ Goto. The instructions that came with it don't even tell you what Model it is. I think the instructions are standard for The Skywatcher Goto series of mounts.

  2. I've had a look at the supplied tip that came with the mount and scope and the tips in my A1 kit and none of them have any markings. I think it will be best to stay away from The A1 although I have use it in the past to power a laptop which I think was 15 vol. But that's something different. As for the 8 X 1.2 batteries I did wonder at the time if they would be insufficient enough power for the mount or handset to work but I did get the info saying they were fine on another forum. So John thanks for all your help and guidance on this problem. I don't suppose you can recommend another alternative. They is A Skywatcher Power Pack on Amazon but at 58 sobs I just can't run to it at the mo due to other spen commitments. That why I though my A1 kit could do the job. Once again thanks very much. Regards Eifion.

  3. The 8 batteries supplied can be plugged direct into the handset for updating the handset via a laptop. If used for viewing the 8 pack then plugs direct to the mount and then the handset is powered from the mount using the plugs you use for plugging your landline phone into the wall. Think it's an RJ-45 lead.

    The Power Source I tried was an A1 90 Watt AC/DC Universal Notebook Charger. The min output is 12v and goes up to 24v. I set it to 12 v and used Tip C which is 5.5mm x 2.5mm. I'm not sure what Tip Positive means. On reflection I think I was very reckless just going ahead without checking on here instead. Can any of you recommend a proper bit of kit I should be using instead of the 8 X 1.2 

    batteries I'm using. They are eneloop  1.2 AA 1900 mAh. Thanks.

  4. I have recently had A Skywatcher Goto AZ and purchased 8 X 1.2 Rechargerble Batteries. I also have A Multi Voltage Transformer. I decided to try this as an alternative power source. I set it to 12 Volt D.C and plugged it into The Skywatcher Handset. The Handset lit up and proceeded to set up mode. As I was inputting my coordinates I noticed a smell of burning and The Handset became very hot. I unplugged everything and let it cool down. I then plugged in the battery pack and The Handset restarted and seemed ok but this time it wasn't hot and no burning smell. As I have no clue of the working of amps,voltage etc I was wondering if I did wrong by using The Multi Charger even though it was set to 12volts which is entered with a digital display.  Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the advice from everyone. Think I will try with Dubhe, I've got Deneb on my mind from something I saw on YouTube, and Polaris for now as I'm only just starting. Also might try the one star alignment as well. As for following makers instructions I'm afraid they are very vague to say the least. There is more emphasis on assembly and putting correct entries into the hand set. Once again thanks for the advice and no doubt you will be hearing from me more as I get further into the hobby. Regards Eifion.

  6. Hi. I'm absolutely new to using a telescope other than the one I received as a gift for filling in surveys. It's A Celestron First Scope. I'm always looking at the night sky through it. Anyway, birthday last week and to my amazement my wife had got me A Goto Sky Skywatcher Scope. I've aligned the spotter scope with the main optics but I'm unsure of the 2 Star Alignment. I was wondering if The Top Right Hand Star of The Plough, think it's Deneb, could be use with The Pole Star. I just thought they might be to close for a proper alignment so any other suggestion as a second star would be much appreciated.

    Hope this is the correct forum for this. Many thanks. Eifion69.

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