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  1. I read many forums before finally buying a SkyWatcher 150P. Most of the forums and advice pages said "Astrophotography - don't". Well, I did. Because that's why I wanted to own a telescope. I wanted to take photos, and maybe , just maybe I could learn about the night sky as an additional bonus as I got better at taking photos. So, my very first night out with a Skywatcher 150P, and the moon was out. Not much of it, but enough to get me interested. I've attached a couple of photos onto the post just to give you an idea of what i achieved. For all you "aastronomers" out there, I know, its just the moon, and it's not a perfect photo, and its just a star, but it was so easy to take these images that it's inspired me to carry on. So, I used a Nikon D3300, fitted with a wireless adapter, the free Nikon app which controls the shutter from my android phone, a T ring adapter from First Light Optics, (Brilliant customer service and advice), and the moon. I live in the middle of a light polluted estate, surrounded by LED street lights, and numerous urban bathrooms and bedrooms with lights on and off at random intervals. So, don't believe all the advice that says you cant or shouldn't. get some good basic kit, pick a big target and go for it. If you have as much fun as I did, even though my pics can't compare to some of the more "pro" efforts, then it's worth having a shot. Feel free to ask me any questions, but don't expect any technical answers!
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