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  1. Does anyone know is it repeated later on tonight have missed most of it.
  2. RIP Patrick Moore. He will be greatly missed and i can only imagine how many people he inspired to get into astronomy.
  3. I have just read this on yahoo usa, cant wait to hear the news hope it is something positive.
  4. Would just like to say RIP Neil Armstrong a truly great man a humble man and a true pioneer.
  5. Well good luck let us all know how you get on.
  6. Looks pretty good in the north.
  7. Hi chris and welcome to the forum
  8. Looks like you got some excellent images sheri, i couldn't see a thing where i was though.
  9. Hi quantum64 and welcome to the forum and if you need any advice regarding a new scope the members on here will be only too happy to help.
  10. Are there any books you would recommend namreg or do you mean just have a general read on the subject
  11. Well that's good to know about the filters and also the fact that lp is pretty bad where you are but you still managed to get a really good image. So there is hope for me to get in to it at some stage and not worry too much about lp
  12. Well that's brilliant namreg saying its only your third time i can only hope i will be as good after as many attempts. Am i right in thinking though that dark skies are needed for this sort of thing because were i am lp is quite bad.
  13. Hey namreg how long have you been imaging because its something i would like to get in to myself at a later point.
  14. I have noticed the same thing george with mine, the barlow i am going to get is a celestron ultima which from all reports is a good barlow
  15. AndrewT

    newbie hello

    The weather has been atrocious here too, by the way quatermass hows the 200p working out
  16. That's exactly what i was going to say luke, got my scope on monday and still haven't been able to use it yet
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