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  1. It's been a few months... a few busy months. And for various reason I hadn't been able to get this scope out much. Cloudy nights, freezing nights, nice nights but with the ground too wet, etc. Well I finally did get a chance to do some viewing recently and start to use the IntelliScope computer, and it's been nice! Here is the review I wrote for the telescope. Definitely happy with the purchase and looking forward to getting a lot of education and fun out of this!
  2. Recently I bought a kit for about $65 USD that came with 3 Plössl lenses, a 2x Barlow, and some filters I haven't made use of yet. It got me significantly better lenses for a small price (plus the Barlow). The one I got gave me a 6mm vs a 4mm that I had and couldn't see anything out of. The lowest power piece was a 20mm, but a lot of telescopes come with a 25mm, so that would just expand the available pieces.
  3. After thinking about it since around the time I joined this forum (6 months ago or so), this week I've placed an order for a new 8" Orion telescope! This will be my first upgrade in something like 20 years of having a 60mm Celestron. Although I've used it enough to learn the basics of observing, like setting up, the constellations, tracking with an alt/azimuth mount, etc., honestly the most spectacular thing I've seen out of it was M22 after I bought Plössl lenses earlier this year. That was a holdover while I looked for a better telescope I'd be happy with. It doubled the number of stars I could count from about 15-20 to 30-40, but I still have trouble seeing or finding much of anything, and what I do find is dull (in luminosity). So now I can't wait to see what improvement there will be in more than tripling the aperture! Since I live in a suburban area and despite trying really hard haven't found a huge number of celestial objects, I also bought the intelliscope version, which should be greatly helpful in getting started here. Much preferred to using a cell phone that blinds me even on the lowest brightness setting. I'll report back with some first impressions when it arrives!
  4. FoaRyan

    Oklahoma Resident

    lol, thanks. I always need those friends. It's how I got my Ralph Lauren trench coat! I am planning to buy an 8" or 10" Newtonian probably by the end of the year and have a few scopes in mind, I'm sure I'll have some questions about them soon! In other news - I wanted to let you all know that my interest in astronomy is still on the rise, and I have managed to find a few objects recently now that I have my new eyepieces. Was slightly discouraged before but now I can see I was using outdated, scratched, and cheap to begin with eyepieces. Now hopefully I will see even more enjoyment when I upgrade since I'll be able to compare more views before & after. I can tell this is a neat online community, hope to interact with many of you!
  5. FoaRyan

    Oklahoma Resident

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! Over the weekend I decided to order some Plössl eyepieces to replace the random assortment that I had, as opposed to making a hasty decision on a new telescope. Going from the "H" style to what I have now was a significant improvement for my 60mm refractor. On my first night of observing, I could count 30 stars in M7. Could only see about 20 before so the image is definitely sharper. The nights have been hit-and-miss due to clouds and haze, but I also got a chance to look at Mars and Saturn. Mars was just a blob before, now it's a blob that I can tell has some amount of detail. Saturn, on the other hand, looks much more crisp, and I can tell the improvement. I think I'm going to be happy with these eyepieces, and since they are 1.25", whenever I do upgrade scopes they will still be useful.
  6. Hello from central Oklahoma! Though it's not the darkest sky I've ever lived in, being somewhat on the edge of OKC means the sky to the North & West gets some pretty good views on many nights, so I can observe from my back yard. I've had an interest in astronomy since I was very young, raised on lots of science fiction, and my dad bought for me a telescope before I was a teen. I still use this scope, though it was in an attic in Missouri for years before I picked it back up one time a few years ago. It's only been used intermittently since then, but I'm starting to get more into observing these days. Hoping to invest in a larger aperture telescope in the next 6 months to a year, which will give me time to pick one and commit finances!
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